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'Days of Our Lives' Spoilers - Desperate Times, Loose Lips and Kate Mansi Returns as Abigail

‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers – Desperate Times, Loose Lips and Kate Mansi Returns as Abigail

‘Days of Our Lives’ spoilers are in and even though the week’s almost over, it looks like some characters’ problems are just starting. Missed the action? No worries, because your Days Of Our Lives recap is in. Let’s check out some of the highlights.

‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers – Thursday, November 29 Recap: Desperate Times

‘Days of Our Lives’ spoilers relate that it looks like Ben really took what Ciara had to say to heart. After their talk about him needing a job, he goes to Chad to offer his services. He guarantees that he can get Chad in to see Abigail, but Chad’s not interested. He gives Ben attitude and says he’ll never let Ben around Abigail again.

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That door closed, Ben decides to head over to Stefan to try his luck. It must be on Ben’s side, because Stefan just got done firing his security guard after several failures (including Abbi’s kidnapping and Ted getting free). Ben knocks on the door and gives the hard sales pitch, which includes a semi-confession of what he’d done. Stefan is close to calling the cops, but Ben talks him out of it with a little effort, and a veiled threat about working against him. Stefan looks interested, so I guess we’ll see. I personally am conflicted here, because I see very bad things in store if Ciara finds out. It looks like Stefan is about as popular in Salem as Mr. Necktie Killer.

‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers – Loose Lips

Speaking of Ciara, she goes to Roman’s place where they talk about her failed relationship with Tripp. While they talk, she spills the beans about Tripp’s set up of Ben and instantly regrets it. She begs Roman not to tell anyone about it. He eventually relents, but is a bit surprised to learn that Ciara was trying to get Ben a job there. He laughs at the idea and she knows it was a longshot, but she was just trying to help since he has nothing. Since that was never going to happen, Ciara asks if there’s a job for her instead. Seems she wants to take her own advice to Ben. Plus, she’s going to be light on the rent money with Tripp leaving. I think she’ll need a couple of jobs if she finds out about Claire plotting to get Tripp for herself…

‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers – Ben/Ciara News

Other ‘DOOL’ spoilers indicate that in related Ben/Ciara news, Hope is hiding Ted in exchange for him getting information to put Ben away. She’s lying to Rafe about it, so I’m sure we’ll be seeing that blow up in her face any day now. Rafe actually ends up saying something smart when she goes off on him for ‘doing nothing’ while Ciara was kissing him. He points out that not only did he, in fact, break it up, but he also points out that she needs to lay off because Ciara is rebellious. If Hope pushes too hard, she’ll end up right in Ben’s arms. How on earth is this unstable, biased woman who misses something so basic in charge of the Salem PD again?

‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers – When everything comes to light

You already know that Stefan is now aware it had to be Ben who was behind the Abbi kidnapping, as well as Ciara’s big mouth outing Tripp to yet another resident of Salem. Well, it doesn’t end there. You might remember that Leo’s returned and is trying to get Sonny to keep his word. As creepy and corrupt as he is, I am completely entertained by his smart comments. He’s rivaling Victor right now… Anyway, as Sonny continues to fight with Leo about the situation, Will goes to get help from Kate. She’s shocked to learn that not only did Ted get out, but Leo is actually alive. Unfortunately, she’s not sure what she can do. She’s also dealing with her own secrets in that department, and is frustrated that getting Stefan to confess to getting rid of him on tape won’t help, as it implicates her as well. She wishes she’d killed him when she had the chance.

With no help there, Will returns to Sonny’s in time to find out that Kate was the one pulling Leo’s strings in the sexual harassment suit. Oops. I’m guessing there’s not going to be any happy get-togethers over Christmas for most of these people.

‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers – Kate Mansi Returns as Abigail

On a side note, we got to see Kate Mansi return to the role of Abigail, who’s been locked up in a padded room since her confrontation with Gabbi. She’s been refusing to speak or eat. As the episode closed out on Chad walking in to see her, this will surely get interesting tomorrow. I wanna know two things: one, how is Jennifer calling any shots here, when Abigail is still married to Stefan? I’m pretty sure that they didn’t get this annulled. Two, how does a psychiatrist, mental health staff, and Jennifer all think it’s a peachy idea to allow the person who sent her there (and paramedics witnessed being accused of betraying her) in to see the violent patient who’s throwing food trays around?

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