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'Young and the Restless' Spoilers Updates Monday, November 19 - Arturo and Mia Fling Back On, Mystery Person Involved in J.T.'s Disappearance

‘Young and the Restless’ Spoilers Updates Monday, November 19 – Arturo and Mia Fling Back On, Mystery Person Involved in J.T.’s Disappearance

‘Young and the Restless’ spoilers updates for Monday, November 19 are in and let’s break down what’s about to happen on Y&R today.

‘Young and the Restless’ Spoilers – More Drama Between Mariah and Tessa

At Sharon’s house – Mariah came to see her mother with the intention to talk to her about the recordings that Tessa showed her. She has to insist to see her because Sharon was leaving. Scroll down to the comments section below and tell us who you think is involved in J.T.’s body disappearance.

Mariah lets Sharon know everything she knows about J.T. Hellstrom’s disappearance and about the fact that Victoria, Nikki, Phyllis and her are all involved. She says that she saw them all on the recording carrying J.T. Hellstrom’s body in a rug in Victoria’s car at her garage and that they left to bury him at Chancellor’s Park under a statue. Sharon denies everything. Mariah worries about what happened and starts crying.
Sharon comes around and explains how everything happened. Victoria was fighting with J.T. and her mother, Nikki, took a fire extinguisher and hit J.T. Hellstrom who fell down. Mariah said that she should have called the police, but they all decided not to take that chance. Sharon starts crying. Mariah says that Tessa knows everything and she was the one to blackmail Nikki. Sharon calls Nikki, Phyllis and Victoria and tells them to come to her house for an emergency.

‘Young and the Restless’ Spoilers – Mariah To Do Nikki’s Dirty Work?

Once everyone gets there, they start explaining to Mariah what really happened that night and that they didn’t have a choice. Nikki was just protecting her daughter. How could someone blame a mother from protecting her own child? Nikki asks Mariah to help them deal with Tessa. Everyone is asking Mariah to find the footage and to see if Tessa moved J.T.’S body, because the City was supposed to come and fix up some broken pipes at the exact same spot where they buried J.T. And when they went to look for the body, there was no body anymore.

The ‘Young and the Restless’ Spoilers – Who Moved J.T.’s Body?

Things are more complicated now. Somebody else is involved in this dissapearance.
Mariah eventually agrees to talk with Tessa. Phyllis says that the situation is going spiralling out of control and she will do something to stop Tessa, but Victoria stops her and says that, since she’s the one who got them into this mess, she’ll do something about it.

At Newman’s office – Nick is the his office when Abby walks in. She brought photos from last night’s Party. Abby says that he and Phyllis seem to be a very nice couple, but what about him and Sharon? He says there’s nothing going on between him and Sharon.

The ‘Young and the Restless’ Spoilers – Arturo, the Changed Man. Abby , the Unconvinced.

Later on, Abby’s in the reception office when Arturo walks in. He wants to talk about what happened at the Party. He tries to explain that the situation with Mia is very complicated, but Abby doesn’t want to listen and tries to avoid Arturo. But he is very persistent. He explains that they were very young and didn’t know what they were doing. But this is not an excuse for Abby. He says that he changed since he met Abby
and that he learned from his mistakes.

At Nick’s office, Arturo is talking with Nicholas. Arturo explains that he made some mistakes, but he learned from them. He loves Abby and he wants to go ahead with her. Mia comes in and says: ”we are not done”. She keeps saying they have a profound chemical attraction. Arturo denies it, but Mia tells him that he’s not convincing. Abby then comes in and starts defending Arturo. He is speechless.

‘Young and the Restless’ Spoilers – Jack Has Doubts Over Phlick

At Jabot cosmetics, Phyllis receives a message from Nick but she doesn’t answer. Jack comes in, he wants to know if she’s with Bill or Nick.
Phyllis asks Jack if he is planning something with Kerry Johnson. He doesn’t know if it’s possible and deflects to ask Phyllis about her and Nick? She says that Nick just asked her to move in with him in his new house. Jack is stunned.

She explains that the relation she had with Billy not healthy and their issues never got resolved, which is why they split. She’s been much happier since then with Nick. Jack doesn’t seem convinced that she knows what’s best for her.

‘Young and the Restless’ Spoilers – Mia and Arturo, Another Fling?

At Rey’s apartment, Mia asks Arturo to come to Rey’s apartment. He comes with the intention to split from her, once and for ever, so he can move on with Abby. He wants a new life. Mia is all over Arturo who’s having a hard time keeping her away.

At Jack’s house, Abby is on her computer when Jack walks in. She explains what happened with Arturo and Mia. Jack makes her understand that same thing happened to him, long ago, and he wants her to fight harder for what’s belongs to her and not let anyone steal her happiness. She thanks Jack for listening to her and not judging her. As she was about to walk out,  Jack asks her where she’s going. She replies: ” to fight for what’s mine”.

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