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The 'Young and the Restless' Spoilers - Tessa Admits To Everything, Billy and Sharon Make Pact

The ‘Young and the Restless’ Spoilers – Tessa Admits To Everything, Billy and Sharon Make Pact

The ‘Young and the Restless’ spoilers for Wednesday, November 14 reveal  that Sharon and Billy make a pact and Tessa is revealed as the blackmailer. We’re finally getting to the bottom of the blackmailer mystery just as things are escalating everywhere in Genoa City. You won’t want to miss today’s episode, but to pique your curiosity here are the spoilers.

The ‘Young and the Restless’ Spoilers – Rey and Mia, Off To a Rocky Start

Mia prepares breakfast for Rey at their apartment and tells him about her talk with Sharon. As Rey finishes getting ready for work, Mia gives him a big, smooching kiss but he withdraws and leaves.

Elsewhere in GC, Sharon makes an unfruitful attempt to get Mariah talking. Once Kyle arrives, Sharon leaves them. Kyle and Mariah talk about how Mariah is moving out of Tessa’s place in record speed.  They joke about Mariah moving out of Tessa’s place in record time. Mariah says that Tessa lies a lot. Kyle suggests to let Tessa know clearly what she expects from her.

The ‘Young and the Restless’ Spoilers – Questioning at the Station

Back at the station, Michael tells Victoria to answer the questions simply and seek his advice, if necessary. Sharon enters while Michael is complaining that Rey is late. Rey then shows up and Sharon expresses a look of concern. Rey interrogates Victoria about her knowing that he had found the watch in Chancellor Park. Victoria tells Abby that he got the info from Arturo. Rey questions her about how she knew that the police never discovered J.T.’s body. Victoria tells him that she didn’t, she couldn’t possibly know. Rey questions her some more but Michael soon intervenes. Michael tells Vikki to admit to any wrongdoing, but she stands her ground and says she did nothing wrong.

Meanwhile at Jabot, Kyle doesn’t understand Billy’s behaviour. Billy talks about how Phyllis is taking all the glory for Jaboutiques. Kyle tells Billy that she’s nothing but a “flash in the pan.” Billy then says that Phyllis’ caterer backed out of the affair.  Kyle then comes back with Lola and tells her that she’s going to be the caterer for the the big event. Lola exclaims, “I can do this!” Lola relishing the idea of going on a data but Kyle has different plans. He tells her that they have forever to go on dates, but tonight is going to be special for her.

The ‘Young and the Restless’ Spoilers – Devon Chimes In On Mariah and Tessa

Elsewhere in Genoa City, Mariah goes on to Devon about Tessa’s strenuous relationship with saying the truth. She still believes that she’s a good person but just can’t understand why she can’t say the truth. Mariah asks him how to tell when she should be forgiving and when to pack her bags and seek greener pastures. the relationship a true chance. He reflects back on his relationship with Hilary, and acknowledges how it was a mistake to expect perfection.

Back Crimson Lights, Abby meets Mia for the first time. Mia recognizes Abby as The Naked Heiress and asks her to take a selfie. When Mia leaves, Arturo comes in. Mia then comes back and Abby learns that she’s Rey’s wife. Abby gives her a hug but Arturo gives her a look of suspicion. After talking a bit, Abby and Mia trade contact info. Abby says that Rey’s case has now turned into a murder investigation. Arturo says once it wraps up, Mia will be leaving town. Mia disagrees, and confirms that she’s not leaving any time soon. They then talk about Miami and Abby invites Mia to Jaboutiques with Rey. Afterwards, Arturo tells Mia to stop her games. Arturo then says that the whole family has moved on, and they did so without her.

Rey arrives at Crimson Lights and Sharon informs him Victoria isn’t capable of murder. He asks, “Even in self-defense?” Mia interrupts and drags Rey upstairs.

The ‘Young and the Restless’ Spoilers – Tessa Tells The Truth!

Back at Tessa’s place, Mariah explodes that she needs the truth. Tessa spills the beans. She says someone did something that they now regret, and she got paid to remain silent. Tessa tells Mariah that she pretended to love Noah. Mariah doesn’t understand, did she lie to her? Tessa confirms that she never intended to fall in love with Mariah. Tessa then confesses that Nikki Newman gave her the money. Mariah insists to know what it’s for. Tessa says that she doesn’t want to know. Mariah then learns that Nikki doesn’t know she paid Tessa, and that it was in fact blackmail. Mariah is worried that Tessa is hiding even more secrets. Tessa somehow lets it be known that Sharon might have been involved to Sharon being involved. Mariah says she’ll go to Nikki or Sharon if she doesn’t tell the truth. Tessa then takes out her laptop and shows her.