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'Days of Our Lives' Spoilers and Recap - Stefan the "Grinch" To Let His Heart Grow, Gabi Back In The Fold

‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers and Recap – Stefan the “Grinch” To Let His Heart Grow, Gabi Back In The Fold

‘Days of Our Lives’ spoilers promise similarities between Stefan and the Grinch, ethical dilemmas and unravellings. But first, did you missed the action yesterday on ‘Days of Our Lives’? Don’t worry, because your recap is in! If you have it DVRd and haven’t seen it yet, beware of spoilers, because there were some big things going on…

‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers – Wednesday, November 28: Stefan Takes Page From the Grinch’s Book, To Let Heart Grow?

Looks like Stefan may be taking a cue from the grinch this holiday season and letting his heart grow. After a testy meeting with Kate DiMera (who wants an update on Ted), he shows a bit more compassion with JJ. Annoyed with Kate being there, JJ asserts his own right to see the baby, and Stefan agrees. He says he may be changing his visitor policy and actually shows some compassion for him and Abigail. He even confesses the real reason he had Abigail committed, so I’m sure that’s going to go over well later on. On a side note, for a villain here, he sure is adorable with that kid. I got a kick out of him saying he won’t sing for her for fear of hurting her ears. He will, however, read to her, and I am really thinking he’s in for a bad fall when the truth inevitably comes out.

‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers – Ethical dilemma

Elsewhere in Salem, Hope is still being antagonistic to Ted after she finds out that Ben did not, in fact, confess any shady activities to Ted. He swears, however, that he will definitely be able to get the information. She seems interested, but wary until she gets a call from Rafe. Finding out her daughter was kissing Ben is enough for her to agree to helping Ted. She keeps it quiet from Rafe, of course, and I am totally waiting for this to blow up in her face.

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As for Ciara, she was obviously caught kissing Ben by Rafe. Rafe then did everything possible to talk her out of having anything to do with Ben, but Ciara remains stubborn in her assertion there is good in him. Rafe’s words leave doubt, as she admits happens every time she gets people on her case about this. She tells Ben she needs him to look her in the eye and swear he didn’t set that fire. He swears he’d never hurt her, and she seems convinced enough to agree to dinner after Ben gets his life together.

‘Days of our Lives’ – The Unraveling

Gabi is back in action today after being pretty much MIA since Abigail tried to strangle her following Gabi’s big gloating session. She’s getting hell from JJ about showing up at Bayview and the effect it’s had on his sister. She swears her motives were innocent, but it looks like some doubt is still there. Gabi ends the talk by saying she needs to meet with Kayla.

When she gets there, Kayla starts questioning her about the pills Kayla had given her. She notes how Gabi had mentioned how they were the same ones Gabi was taking during pregnancy, so it definitely is making Kayla wonder. As usual, Gabi denies everything and confirms with Kayla that her prescription history is confidential. Yeah, that’s not at all suspicious, Gabi. Kayla agrees and I wonder how long it’s going to be until someone nails her.

Finally, as a sidenote, we have more Sonny/Will/Leo drama similar to yesterday’s. He is still insisting on Sonny making an honest man out him him, and goes on some dramatic enactment of what he’d say on a stand if the truth comes out. I said a long time ago that they were idiots for trying to cover up a self-defense situation, but whatever. Good luck, guys…

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