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'Days of Our Lives' Spoilers - Brady's Learning, Abigail Double-Crossed

‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers – Brady’s Learning, Abigail Double-Crossed

‘Days of Our Lives’ spoilers are in and if you missed the episode on Wednesday, November 13 we got you covered. The mid-week brought a lot of drama, so let’s jump right in and see what’s going on in Salem…

‘Days of Our Lives’ spoilers – Brady’s learning?

‘Days of Our Lives’ spoilers show that the episode begins and somewhat focuses on the aftermath of Nicole’s death, specifically the relationship between Eric and Brady, as well as Brady’s own self-reflection. Apparently, Eric calling him out yet again for playing with their lives has given Brady a crisis of conscience. He’s realized that he’s been playing God too much in people’s lives (how about that?) and this leads to a huge confession while visiting Paul.

Seems Paul’s been feeling a little off-balance regarding his relationship with Will and admits to thinking of reading Will’s journal. The obvious turmoil is apparently too much for Brady to take, so he admits to overhearing the conversation between Will and Sonny. He’s already caused enough trouble by playing God with Eric and Nicole, and he doesn’t want to do this now. I say he should have thought about that before he gave Will and Sonny hell over Will leaving Paul. I guess better late then never? Not sure what impact this will have on Brady’s relationship with Paul now, but Paul definitely wants him to leave. He needs to be alone. When Will returns, Paul says he won’t be staying there.

While all that’s going on, Eric walks in on Rex and Sarah fighting over his latest attempt at an apology/proposal. She’s lost her trust in him and she wants him to go away, but Rex is determined to win her back. Eric steps in and calls them out for yelling, as Holly’s in the house. He insists on Rex leaving for now to give each other some space, but Rex tells Sarah before he leaves that he’s not giving up. Sarah thanks Eric for stepping in and offers to help him out by going to check on Holly.

‘Days of Our Lives’ spoilers -Abigail double-crossed?

Abigail is still fawning over the baby, thinking it must be wishful thinking that she’s got Chad’s eyes. She names her daughter Charlotte and promises that it’s her and the baby all the way. Chad comes in and Abigail tells him what she named the child, happy that Chad remembered that it’s also the name of her favorite author. Things are going well so far, although Chad seems to be struggling over whatever deal he made on the phone with Stefan. He assures her that the medics are on their way, but he wants to tell her something.

Before he can do that, they arrive and check things out. The child scored well on the initial evaluation, but they tell Abigail she’ll need to be checked out at the hospital as well. Abigail seems relieved that help finally arrived and they’re going home. That is, until Stefan enters the room.

Abigail begins freaking out, demanding to know what’s going on. Stefan produces papers that will have her committed, while Chad defends this all by saying he told her before that everything he does is for her. Stefan insists he’s only doing this because he was threatened with not seeing his daughter. She’s getting upset and angry at the betrayal and demands the baby, but the medics are already moving her out of the place. Chad hands Stefan the baby and Stefan already seems to be in love. I’m left to wonder how on earth this is going to hold under Stefan’s admission he was coerced into committing her. The last we see Abigail is in a psyche ward where her mother runs in to check on her.

‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers – Change of Heart?

A side note this episode… Gabbi gets caught throwing out the Gabbi wig and pills by Will, who was just leaving with his and Paul’s take out order. She lies and claims it’s snacks that went bad and distracts him by saying Ari misses Will. Will misses her, too, but he’s been busy taking care of Paul and getting their new place set up. Their conversation leads to her finding out that Will sacrificed his possible happiness with Sonny to be with Paul. She says he’s a great person, and she wishes she was like him. He says she is, but she disagrees because she’s angry all the time over what happened to her. She asks if it makes her an awful person to feel like she does. He insists he’s made mistakes himself and says that if she feels bad about acting a certain way, she should fix it. After he leaves, Gabbi retrieves the evidence she was planning to get rid of and says she wants to be the person Will thinks she is, and needs to confess for Chad, Abigail, and the baby.

Gabbi arrives at the station to confess. Hope tells her about the baby, Chad’s help with the delivery, and that Abigail is now committed.