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Days of Our Lives Spoilers and Recap - Abigail's Not Going To Take It

Days of Our Lives Spoilers and Recap – Abigail’s Not Going To Take It

‘Days of Our Lives’ spoilers and recap for November 16 relate that Abigail’s just not going to take it anymore. Last week ended on a big note, so let’s take a moment to catch you up in case you missed it. Friday’s episode focused on the Abigail and Ben storylines.

‘Days of our Lives’ Spoilers – November 16 Recap: Abigail’s not going to take it

So, you probably already know by now that Chad made a deal with Stefan to make sure that Abigail gets the help believes she needs to desperately. This has led to Abigail back at Bayview while baby Charlotte is in the hospital with her non-daddy, Stefan.

Abigail is distraught and angry that no one believes her, and is desperate to get back to her children, especially Charlotte. She knows that this time is crucial, especially for building a nursing routine, and she’s losing her chance. She also is upset about her son, and worried that he might not know his mom is trying to come back to him. She is determined that she is going to get out of this situation and back where she belongs.

While visiting with JJ, she continues to insist that she is perfectly fine, and that Abigail is setting her up. She even tells him about how Kate came by to have tea and ended up not being able to string a sentence together after Abigail switched their cups. While JJ is still unsure what to believe, it appears his visit with Abigail has affected him, as he later goes to Kayla to tell her what Abigail’s claimed. Kayla may have gotten suspicious now, as she remembers seeing Gabbi with some pills that are safe during pregnancy. Anyway, JJ had come to check on the baby as well, and it seems Stefan isn’t letting a lot of people around his non-daughter. Can I just saw how bad I am starting to feel for him? Maybe he needs to join Lucas in Europe after the truth comes out so they can bond over their fake fatherhood heartbreaks…

‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers – Gabbi Without a Heart

Speaking of hearts, it seems that any Gabbi possessed at the end of the previous episode is gone. Hearing that her plan actually worked apparently gave her (another) change of heart and she goes to Kate to celebrate their victory. Kate isn’t enjoying how things turned out and the obvious hurt Chad’s going through. She wants to come clean, but Gabbi begs her to keep going, even that Gabbi is somewhat conflicted. She’s just too close now to stop. For some reason, Kate weakens and actually keeps quiet about Gabbi being there when Chad stops by. When the visit is over, she basically tells a grateful Gabbi that he needs to know the truth asap. She promises that Chad will find out once she’s convinced Stefan’s bonded with the baby enough to really hurt him.

To cap the story off for the day, Chad drops by Jennifer’s place to check on Abigail. Jennifer, pained over the lengths Chad went to and still angry over Stefan’s treatment of her (he basically threw her out when she tried to spend some time with the baby), she smacks Chad and I am cheering so hard.

‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers – Power of a reputation…

The Ben plot is the best part of the day, mostly thanks to Wyatt. It seems that Wyatt didn’t enjoy his run-in with Mr. Necktie Killer, and wants out of this scheme of Claire’s. Claire insists that Ben is fine, and there’s nothing to worry about. She offers him a lot more money to keep it up and swears that she’ll talk to Ben and take care of things.

Meanwhile, Ciara is confused after learning of Wyatt’s supposed crime. She doesn’t get why he’d do it, and Tripp makes up a bunch of bull that apparently satisfies her enough. When Tripp leaves the room, she is surprised to get a call from Wyatt, who wants to see her.

‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers – Gravitational Fields in Salem

While Wyatt waits, Ben (I swear there is a gravitational field in this town that pulls people to the right place at the right time) shows up and wants to know what he’s doing calling Ciara. I laugh as Wyatt breaks so fast I’m surprised he actually has a spine in his body. The power of a rep, I guess. He confesses that Tripp is the one who really did it, and that Claire is behind this. I can’t wait to see Ciara’s reaction. She arrives, wondering where Wyatt is. Ben says he left and tells her who’s really behind the frame job, which leaves her looking shocked.

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