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'Days of Our Lives' Spoilers - Thursday, November 15 Recap: Exodus

‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers – Thursday, November 15 Recap: Exodus

‘Days of Our Lives’ spoilers are in and we have the Thursday, November 15 recap ready. It’s mass exodus time, so let’s see how things went down in Salem.

‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers – Mass Exodus

‘Days of Our Lives’ started with Will shocked at Paul’s decision to move and that he said Will is in love with someone else as the episode opens and assumes that Paul read his journal, but Paul says he didn’t. He insists that he didn’t want to be that guy, and deep down he’s always known the truth. He says that it’s very clear that Will wants to be with Sonny. Will says he’s not leaving him. Paul says that maybe not now, but eventually he will leave him for Sonny. He says Will’s only with him because of the accident, and Will doesn’t deny it. That’s all the answer Paul needs, and Will says he’s sorry.

Paul says he would have stepped aside and wished them the best, and is hurt that Will wasn’t honest. He reminds him that he specifically asked when he got the memory of his wedding back if this would affect them, and he said no. Will loses it and says there was no way he could’ve done that in that position, but Paul says he doesn’t want pity. Will says he owes him so much for just letting him be when everyone was trying to push him to remember things. Paul says that if Sonny is the one he wants, he needs to stay with him. Will picks up one his boxes and says that he’ll get the rest of his stuff as soon as possible. Will swears he never meant to hurt Paul, and Paul assures him that he knows that.

Sonny, meanwhile, has been getting grief from Adrienne for this whole noble thing he’s doing. She thinks it’s asinine (her words. Ha!) and I agree. Clearly Paul’s hurting more now. In my house, given the histories, we’re rooting for one big, happy home. In any case, Sonny’s determined to keep up the noble thing, so Adrienne insists he get back out there. Sonny thinks she’s nuts and that he’s going to regret getting back into the online dating thing, given his last experience. I’m cracking up through most of the scenes between them.

‘Days of Our Lives’ spoilers – Awkward moments…

Sarah is still nursing her wounds, and Eric is her shoulder to cry on. While drinking, she has moments with Eric and Roman and I feel evil, but OMG, these scenes are great comic relief. You’ll see what I mean…

Eric thinks that maybe she should slow down the drinking, but she thinks he needs to just buckle up for the ride. I say this is only going to end bad. Roman says that Sarah has every right to be upset, and she says damn right.

Things get good when Sarah sees someone proposing in the pub, which makes her flash back to Rex admitting the truth. She gets up and stumbles her way over to them, saying she’ll let them in on a little secret. She says that Mr. Perfect will cheat on her. Eric runs over to intervene, and the man accuses her of being obnoxious, so she throws her drink on him. Eric wants to know what the hell that was. Sarah thinks she was providing a public service, then runs to the bathroom.

‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers – Rex Hurt By Sarah’s Rejection

Meanwhile, Rex is hurting by Sarah’s rejection, and asks Kate for help. Kate says that she’s going to lie and say he was drunk and that Mimi took advantage of him. Rex thinks her theory about Mimi scamming is silly, because she can’t have kids. Kate’s pissy about not being given much to work with. She decides she’ll explain it away as a one-time thing, but Rex admits to cheating twice. Kate goes off on him, obviously not happy that her other idea is trashed, too. Well, that and being so stupid. Kate doesn’t see a reason for her to forgive him, and says given her gene pool, Rex should focus on being part of the baby’s life. He says she’s a good mom, but Kate is skeptical.

Roman offers the couple everything on the house and apologizes for what happened. Rex comes in and Roman says he might want to leave. He says he will, but he wanted to let him know he’s heading to PA to be with his daughter. Before he leaves, Sarah comes in and he asks if he can talk to her for just a minute. Sarah says to make it quick. Rex says he doesn’t blame her for hating him, but he wants her to know how bad he feels and how much he loves her. Before he leaves the pub, he tells Eric that if there is anything he needs, to let him know. Rex looks at the ring as he stands outside before taking off.

‘Days of Our Lives’ – So long…

The episode closes on a sad musical montage: Eric looking at the good luck charm he had given Nicole while Brady texts Eve. Paul looks at the housewarming gift that Brady sent while Will knocks on the door to see Sonny. He finds out Sonny left. Also leaving is Lucas, who’s decided that it’s best to go to Europe for a while.

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