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General Hospital Spoilers October 29 - Jon Lindstrom

General Hospital Spoilers Monday, October 29 – Halloween Week Bloodbath Looms!

‘General Hospital’ spoilers for Monday, October 29 suggest that Ryan (Jon Lindstrom) grows more interested in Ava (Maura West). In fact, we hear General Hospital Spoilers murmur  that he will be trying to seduce her as early next week! Elsewhere in Port Charles, Ryan lets the bloodletting begin for Halloween and this might be the beginning of an ongoing murderous killing spree! Hooked-in yet? We are!

Weekly General Hospital Spoilers for October 29 to November 2 – Halloween Bloodbath!

Blood is shed on Halloween in Port Charles as Ryan begins a killing spree but Kevin Collins (Jon Lindstrom) gets a glimmer of hope. But don’t get it wrong, this week is going to be a complete bloodbath!

GH weekly spoilers show Curtis Ashford (Donnell Turner) gets disappointing news and Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright) has a hard time putting Ferncliff behind. In fact, she’s still very much tormented and might be for the foreseeable future. Laura (Genie Francis) finds herself in a bit of a pickle and needs soMac (John J York) and Felicia (Kristina Wagner) to up help.

GH Spoilers for Monday, October 29 – Kevin Collins Hopeful

‘General Hospital’ spoilers indicate that the October 29 week kicks off with Kevin Collins changing his fortune around (maybe). GH spoilers suggest that Mary Pat (Patricia Bethune) could be somehow implicated since she recently made her return to Ferncliff. But she’s a creepy one, so who knows how she’ll deal with the Ryan situation. On one hand, she could try to help him after she finds out he’s free. On the other, she may not do anything. She’s an unpredictable one that Mary Pat and not all right in the head, so who knows how she’ll behave.

General Hospital spoilers suggest that Kevin does get a glimmer of hope. This might have to do with seeing his wife and Carly, but it’s unclear if they are able to see him. Sooner or later they’re bound to find out, but will it be too late?

Corinthos Problems

Michael (Chad Duell)  remains heavy at work boozing it up. He probably needs mental therapy, something that could be even stated as a fact instead of a probability, but he will want to wait for Kevin’s return. On Monday, he meets Sonny (Maurice Benard) for a drink. Sonny will become concerned for his son.

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