Univision La hija de embajador: Who’s worth keeping up with after season 1?




Univision La hija del embajador indicate a big change is coming to this show. We wrote before how we’ll be tuning out, partly due to the changes coming. But we also updated on how Nare Çelebi (Neslihan Atagül) apparently isn’t going anywhere just yet.

Let’s take a look at what might keep us watching—at least, for a bit. With Café con aroma de mujer coming to Telemundo, we had to make a choice. But we might be making use of Univision’s site. Here’s what you need to know.

Univision La hija de embajador: Not yet…

First, La hija del embajador spoilers indicate Nare will be around for most of season 2 after all. This is big for us, because the show has been her story. So, we’ll definitely be tempted to catch up online.

At least, to see her scenes. The latest episode found her in rare form. After her daughter disappeared, she lost it. Nare confronted all the Efeoğlu home. As she blames Menekşe (Tülin Yazkan) for the disappearance, Nare swore to kill her if Melek Efeoğlu (Beren Gençalp) didn’t make it home safe and sound.

Then, she threatened to burn down the entire Efeoğlu home to make them pay for this. She’s a fierce, protective character that is standing up for herself more and more all the time. We love that.

Univision La hija de embajador: War’s begun

Of course, there’s one other character we love. That would be Elvan Efeoğlu (Hivda Zizan Alp). She’s one of the few true people in Nare’s life. Someone who’s got her back through all the drama going on. We’re loving her for a couple of reasons. One, she is on to Menekşe and has no problem antagonizing her.

She also made some threats and it was clear she’d declared war on Menekşe. Scenes with these two in the next season might be a can’t-miss proposition. Well, assuming Menekşe doesn’t get her punishment and leave in season one. We aren’t looking too far ahead into things.

Watching this character evolve has been fun, and tonight should be interesting as well with her. She’s apparently going to notices Menekşe bossing someone around and get suspicious. If anyone can expose the full extent of Menekşe’s evil, it’s her.

Univision La hija de embajador: Waiting and seeing

But, La hija de embajador spoilers indicate there’s a lot of reasons to think Menekşe will get hers soon, but there’s a chance that can drag out. Which, again, is a reason to watch—just to see her get it. But there’s also the Nare and Sancar Efeoğlu (Engin Akyürek) thing. We don’t like them as a pair, and their daughter’s disappearance made them look a little more friendly than before.

As Sancar sticks around, we’re hopeful that means she’ll stick to her guns and refuse to be with him. However, Melek is left behind, as the child has been pictured with the new actress coming to replace Atagül as a new character. We can’t imagine any scenario where Nare would leave her daughter behind. So, we’ll see if we can keep going once the buildup to her departure starts.

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