Novelas News: Parientes a la Fuerza coming to Telemundo




Novela news reveals we were supposed to get the third season of Rosario Tijeras here in the US. The series starred Bárbara de Regil as the title character, a young woman who is drawn into a life in the underworld after a tragic loss.

It was a dark series filled with drama. While US viewers didn’t get to see the star in action as Rosario again, they will see the actress in a new project. And it couldn’t be more different. Let’s take a look at what’s ahead.

Novela news: Parientes a la fuerza

The show’s title means “Family by Force” and de Regil will be leading the series. It’s a comedy where she meets a man in the midst of a mid-life crisis who decides to get away from it all. The characters will connect, and she’ll end up becoming a muse for him, according to the series description.

She’ll also have a big effect on him personally, but things apparently won’t be easy as they’re apparently from two very different families. We’re looking forward to seeing what de Regil does with such a different role.

Besides the format, novela news reveals this is also a new thing for another reason for the actress. The press release bills this as her first time being in a Telemundo production.

In the release, the star is quoted as saying, “Carmen is a character I love because she has a beautiful vibe, which gave me butterflies the minute I read the script. I am eager to tell this story alongside an amazing cast.”

Novela News: When is it coming?

Right now, there is yet to be an ad specifically for the show on Telemundo. In fact, from everything we’ve read, the show only recently started filming. So, we assume it might not come on until later this year.

Already, a Telemundo promo talking about its upcoming productions has mentioned this series, so it could be here in time for Summer or Fall. We’ll see. There’s another reason we’re looking forward to seeing this one.

Novela News: Familiar faces

There are several familiar names from a variety of Telemundo productions taking part in this one. Toño Valdes from Falsa Identidad will be in the show, as well as Mauricio Garza, who was in Betty en NY.

However, the person we’re most interested in seeing is an actor we recently saw in a Univision/Televisa show, Vencer el Desamor.

We’re talking about Iker García. He played Tadeo Falcón López on the show. The young actor’s character was a child with Asperger’s that had to deal with being abandoned by his father and teased by kids at school.

His portrayal, especially the scene where he went on video and said he doesn’t want to be himself anymore, was heartbreakingly good and this is definitely a child actor to keep an eye on in the future. Stay tuned, because when more novela news becomes available about Parientes, we’ll let you know.

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