La Doña spoilers: The big night’s here! Season 2 premieres tonight!

La Doña spoilers reveal tonight’s the night. The telenovela, whose first season premiered in 2016, returns for round two tonight. At 9 PM Eastern time, you can catch the Gran Estreno. But let’s take a moment to fill you in on a couple characters and relationships that are sure to play a part. At least, we believe they will.

La Doña spoilers: Season 2

The second season will feature a new group of murderers who call themselves Los Arcoíris (The Rainbows). Yes, you saw that right. We’re not sure which bad guys sound worse: them, or last season’s Los Monkeys. But season 2’s bad guys seems a bit creepier.

The promos have featured a lot of broken glass imagery, indicating our protagonist, played by Aracely Arambula will have her world shattered. But the other big theme are rainbow-colored splatters that indicate the paint guns our bad guys use as a calling card. It’s an interesting twist. But there’s another big story this season.

La Doña spoilers: MIA

It seems that two important characters are missing this season. The first is Saul Aguirre (David Chocarro). He’s a lawyer who fights for victimized women. Saul also happened to be the love interest for Arambula’s Altagracia Sandoval. We shouldn’t expect to see him, really, except maybe some pictures or a voice. The actor’s currently doing other projects. In season 1, he ultimately married Monica Hernández (Danna Paola). It seems this season, she’ll also go missing, and it will be up to Altagracia to find her. So, what’s the connection between these women?

La Doña spoilers: Family tree

As you might have seen in other articles, Monica is Altagracia’s daughter. However, they had a complicated relationship. Monica was the product of the rape that ultimately turned Altagracia into the dangerous Doña she is now. La Doña spoilers indicate Altagracia couldn’t take the idea of keeping the baby. On her aunt’s advice, she slept with Lázaro Hernández (Odiseo Bichir), a man who owned a construction company. She claimed Monica was his before scamming him out of his business and leaving him in the poor house with a baby.

Later on, she and Monica would meet without realizing they’re mother and daughter. Their mutual attraction to Saul drove a huge wedge into what tenuous friendship they had, leading Altagracia to have Monica arrested. She also almost had Monica taken out before eventually discovering Monica is her daughter. That got her to back off, but not entirely. Altagracia came close to nearly shooting Saul at his and Monica’s wedding. In the end, Monica saw Altagracia and chased after her, eventually begging her to allow Monica to help her. And did Altagracia need it.

La Doña spoilers: Crimes

Altagracia committed many crimes in her mission of revenge. Her worst might be killing her ex, a politician who’d hooked up with her sister, Regina (Andrea Martí). The cops started closing in, so Altagracia took off and faked her death. In a sweet moment, Monica gave a speech at the end of season 1 where she spoke out against those judging Altagracia. This is sure to play a part, as La Doña spoilers indicate Altagracia might be arrested in promos for Season 2. Looks like the cops haven’t forgotten about her in all these years. We’ll see how Altagracia handles her troublesome past.

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