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90 Day Fiancé Spoilers: Karine Martins Gives Fans Another Tragic Update

90 Day Fiancé cast member, Karine Martins has done her best to follow the judge’s orders when it comes to getting custody of her children. She stayed in America to try to get her children back, while her husband, Paul Staehle is in Brazil living his best life.

Karine has gone to court many times already and is working hard to get her sons back. She has been posting on social media to share with her fans what is going on, but every time that she shares a post, it is more bad news.

90 Day Fiancé: The Latest Update

Even Paul has told his fans that Karine has started to do everything she can to get the boys back. Right now, she is only permitted to see them for one hour each week. She has shared a Story on her Instagram account about her visit with her children.

90 Day Fiancé: Karine Martins Gives Fans Another Tragic Update

She told the camera that she cannot post any moments with her children. She told her fans that her sons don’t even know if she is their mom anymore. They are very confused and it is breaking her heart when she sees them. She told her fans, “I feel like another woman is taking my place as a mother.”

Many of her fans were quick to start commenting on the videos and how they felt for her. One of them wrote, “When your kids aren’t your priority this is what happens sadly. I cannot imagine how she feels, but at least they are with someone who makes them a priority. Those boys DESERVE a parent that isn’t putting them in the middle. They need to be in a happy environment so they aren’t a statistic later.”

Another added, “Good, maybe those kids will have a chance at a normal life.” One more chimed in, “The living conditions were atrocious. She left them in s***y diapers. Paul’s mom talked about this. CPS stepped in finally in the spring and did right by those kids. Paul’s just as bad as she was not caring or providing for these kids.”

One more added, “Sad to say that they are better off with them. They are actually changed and seem happy. Maybe look for a real job not just Instagram. I would not give a mom kids if she lived off social media. That’s not safe with how it can impact your life with comments.”

Karine’s fans also shared that they feel bad for her, but after all the videos that provided evidence that they do not live in a safe home, it does seem to be the best for these kids.

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