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’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Paul Staehle Gives His Version of Terribly Sad Story Involving Karine Martins & Kids

Even though Paul Staehle is bouncing around from different hotel rooms in an effort not to be traced (what on earth?) he has kept posting on IG, and even recently had this up on his IG story, which is not really an explanation of what happened to his children, but we kind of get the direction in which he’s driving now:

“If two parents have their kids taken. The Grandparents or a relative should be allowed to have temporary custody. To ban the Grandparents as well as the natural parents from the children is very sad.”

’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Paul Staehle’s version of the story

Indeed, but apparently a judge thinks that neither Paul, Karine, nor Paul’s Mom (the Grandmother) are good guardians for these children, so it does sound like they’ve been stuck in foster care.

But what on earth could have prompted a judge to declare all three adults in these children’s lives unfit for parenting? According to some rumors going around on social media, and currently they are just rumors and cannot be verified, but there is the rumor that Paul may have tried to have Karine killed.

Yes, that’s right, Paul may have tried to have the mother of his two children bumped off, at least according to rumor. If there is any truth to those rumors, that would explain why a judge declared Paul, and Paul’s Mom unfit.

Karine, it may have been an issue of getting her medication in order first before she can be a parent (and there is also the issue of distance, since the last we knew, Karine was all the way down in Brazil.), but there is also the fact that Paul could be stretching the truth – at least about Pierre’s whereabouts.

Many fans have called the center for missing and exploited children about little Pierre Staehle, because so many in the fandom want to help, there were many reports. According to the Center for Missing and Exploited Children, if little Pierre was indeed a ward of the state, then he would not be listed on their site because the Center for Missing and Exploited Children works closely with foster cases and they would know if said child entered state custody.

So right now, little Pierre Staehle is still currently missing. This case is getting scarier by the minute, but we at DSD will keep an eye on it. Stay tuned!!!