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‘Sister Wives’ Spoilers: Why Does Meri Brown Stay With Kody Brown When He Disrespects Her?

In the new season of Sister Wives, we have started seeing the cracks in the marriages of the Brown family. With Christine Brown already leaving the marriage, there are many questions about who will be the next one to leave. In the last season of the show, we got a chance to see how Kody Brown treated Meri Brown and after seeing him basically tell her that he doesn’t love her anymore, she continues to try and make their marriage work.

Her fans have been very opinionated about how she should have left him years ago, but they are hoping that we will find out why she continues to stay with him after the way that he has treated her.

Sister Wives: Questioning Her Marriage

Meri has been questioning her marriage for years and she continues to hold on to her love for Kody even though he treats her horribly. The couple got married in 1990 and she is his first wife. They only have one child together and she was always battling her infertility on the show. Kody asked Meri for a legal divorce so that he could legally marry Robyn Brown. The couple is now spiritually married and some fans feel that is just not enough to keep their marriage alive.

Sister Wives: Why Does Meri Brown Stay With Kody Brown When He Disrespects Her?

Christine made it a point to share with the cameras that her marriage had no intimacy in it and even Meri has talked about how she hasn’t been intimate with Kody in years either. In fact, it has been over ten years since she has had sex with her husband. If this was one of the main reasons for Christine leaving, why won’t Meri take her advice and leave too?

There has been a very lengthy conversation on Reddit about Meri’s marriage to Kody. One Reddit user wrote, “If Kody is this much of a raging narcissist in his self-recorded footage, can you imagine how nasty he must be in private? I can only imagine what Christine and Meri have been through.”

Another added, “Meri has always looked like she was shamed into thinking she was a terrible person who had to stay from my perspective. What I’ve seen from last season and this first episode of this season has not changed my mind.” A final Redditor added, “It’s very clear to me now why Meri is till defending Robyn and showering her kids with love. According to Kody, that’s the only way to receive kindness from him.”

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