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Britney Spears’ Sister Jamie Lynn Spears Appears In New reality TV show On Fox “Special Forces: The Ultimate Test”

A lot of stars are doing things that no one actually asked for these days, including Jamie Lynn Spears. Considering she’s already tried to go the tell-all route and that didn’t exactly work for her and not to mention her weird fake Zoey101 reboot that everyone got mad about that happened during the conservatorship trial, we thought we had heard the last of her for awhile, but that’s clearly not the case.

Now Jamie Lynn Spears wants to really test herself by going on a new reality show set to premiere on Fox called “Special Forces: The Ultimate Test” yes,  we’re not kidding, Jamie Lynn Spears wants to prove herself on a military bootcamp style reality TV show.

Jamie Lynn Spears set to star in reality TV show

We’re honestly a little baffled by this, because we weren’t aware that Jamie Lynn was even interested in anything remotely bootcamp related but some in the #FreeBritney movement who think that she had a hand in the conservatorship will probably get a kick out of seeing Jamie Lynn huff and puff her way through an obstacle course and get screamed at by a drill Sargeant because it would be cathartic for them.

Everyone has been a little tired of Jamie Lynn’s constant “look at me!” antics and think that this might just be the final insult and a way to get Jamie Lynn to actually go away for awhile.

Well, that’s what people in the #FreeBritney movement think at least. No one really asked for this, for her to be doing anything at all, Jamie Lynn seems to just be flailing on the world stage trying to take attention away from her older, more successful sister when Britney is the one who is doing collabs with Elton John and continually releasing audio files on Instagram where she addresses her family and what they did to her and are currently doing to her in the case of her children.

So this begs the question, will Britney address Jamie Lynn at some point? Is that what she’s aiming for? She better be careful what she wishes for on that front because she may not like the outcome, so far Britney has held no prisoners. We can’t wait! Stay tuned!!!