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'Welcome To Plathville' Spoilers: Will Lydia Plath Move In With Dad Barry Plath?

‘Welcome To Plathville’ Spoilers: Will Lydia Plath Move In With Dad Barry Plath?

Lydia Plath had an eye-opening conversation with Mom Kim Plath in the latest episode of Welcome to Plathville, it would seem that she is planning, at one point, to move out now that it’s been revealed that Kim and Barry are officially getting a divorce.

But she made her to tell her Mom that when she does move out that she wants to make sure that “the little girls” are taken care of because according to her they still need a Mom in their life and Kim has assured her that she will always be there for both her and the girls, but Lydia is not so sure. She said that when she thinks of love, she thinks of spending quality time with people and that lately that has not been happening between her and Kim.

Ouch, need some ice for that burn, Kim?

She also said that when she does move out, that an option for her would be to move in with Father Barry Plath. Some people in the fandom are going to get some pretty… strange vibes from that, but it’s not uncommon that a daughter whose beliefs so closely aligns with her Dad would choose to live with her Dad instead of Mom Kim, whom she doesn’t seem to trust anymore.

Will Lydia Plath move in with Dad Barry Plath?

In a lot of cases, in religious fundamentalist homes, when one child aligns more with one parents’ beliefs rather than the other, its often that they will choose the parents whose beliefs closely mirror their own. Lydia’s still in the prayer closet so of course she would naturally choose Barry… or at least she thinks she would.

The thing is, Lydia doesn’t know Barry the single man, only Barry the loving Father. The minute Barry deviates from any sort of the fundamentalist beliefs that he has drilled into those kids, or God forbid, starts dating again? You’ll see a shift in Lydia and she will be back on Mom’s side.

Right now, she’s having some cognitive dissonance because of what her parents instilled into her, an entire belief system around something that was, at least in the context of their marriage, essentially false. She says that she might end up moving in with Barry when he gets a place of his own, but something says she might want to go with her friends in Tallahassee instead… Barry the Single Man may need a little bit of room to stretch his legs. Stay tuned!!!