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’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Jibri Bell and Miona Bell Wedding Update

Does anyone get the feeling that Jibri Bell’s Grandma is rubbing her hands together Mr. Burns style at the thought of Jibri getting married to fiance Miona Bell? Because we do. It seems that Grandma is all for this union because of whatever reason, we’re not sure if that is Jibri’s Paternal or Maternal Grandma, but it seems that she thinks that Jibri’s parents are overstepping their boundaries and need to back off when it comes to him getting married.

Honestly, Jibri is a guy in his mid-20’s and his parents are treating him like he’s 15, now granted, Jibri did do something kind of stupid earlier in the season and turn down a good, stable job at his friend Daveed’s trucking company, but hey… you can only be married to two things at once, Miona, and the music, he doesn’t have time for a full-time gig.

’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Jibri Bell’s Grandma is all for the wedding

Still though, you have to wonder why Grandma is all on-board for this wedding, because she seems to have all of her mental faculties about her so far, which is a good thing. It just seems that she is silently sitting back and perhaps getting a little revenge for when Jibri’s parents hooked up.

You know, they do say that you pay for your raising and she could see this as the ultimate revenge. After all, we don’t really know their relationship, if there is any animosity between the parents and Grandma, then of course she’s going to take Jibri’s side. Also, she could have ulterior motives for later.

Maybe she sees this as a way out, given the choice between staying with Jibri and Miona if you, say, had to have hip replacement surgery in the future and Jibri’s parents, which one would you choose to stay with?

The thing is, Jibri might not have a steady job but one thing is true, he loves his Grandma and we have a feeling would be there for her if she were to ever, God forbid, get sick or have to have a prolonged medical procedure where she couldn’t be left alone. This could be her way of ensuring that she has a place to stay that is not with Jibri’s parents… honestly, given how they act… who can blame her? Stay tuned!!!