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’90 Day Fiancé’: Jibri Bell Shocks Fans, Sings Country For Miona Bell Wedding

We watched as Jibri and Miona Bell tied the knot in Joshua Tree national park, it wasn’t the beach wedding that Miona wanted, but it was small and intimate and meant a great deal to the two of them because Jibri’s Grandma officiated the wedding. Jibri had to do the whole affair without his parents, which affected him greatly, seeing as he wanted them there.

But the Bell parents were not on board for this wedding and thought that Jibri and Miona were getting married too soon, they literally only had 90 days in which to take advantage of the visa and even get married so we’re not sure what kind of timeline that the Bell parents were on. Otherwise Miona would have had to go back to Serbia.

’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: But that didn’t happen. 

In honor of his wedding, Jibri did something that he previously hadn’t done before, he ventured into a genre of music that was not his forte but something that, according to the fandom, he excelled at anyway? He wrote and recorded a country song! It was a very stereotypical country song in which he sang about an old truck and how even though it had a thousand miles on it, it, “still felt right” and said that the song symbolized his and Miona’s relationship journey.

’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Aw, he compared Miona to an old truck… 

I’ll refrain from quoting Stewie Griffin here. For what the song was, and for a genre that Jibri normally doesn’t dabble in, it was pretty good. I just don’t know if that’s the song I would have chosen to score over my wedding that I was going to be on TV with. But obviously, Jibri’s proud of it and the fandom doesn’t hate it, so we’ll let him have his cool thing for awhile.

Can we just talk about what they drove off in, though? What kind of truck was that? You just have to wonder if it’s going to make it to the honeymoon destination because it looked a little too rattletrap for words as they drove off. Jibri had a great time painting the back window with their name, perhaps he could use that grease paint stick to write “call a tow truck” on the windshield for when that thing breaks down. We hope they made it to the honeymoon destination. Stay tuned!!!