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TLC ‘Welcome To Plathville’ Spoilers: Will Micah Plath wind up with Antia?

It looks like Micah Plath, who just embarked on a journey with siblings Ethan and Moriah Plath to Jamaica, left someone behind out in LA, and that someone is this new girl – Antia. So far, they look like they’re hitting it off, he got her a charcuterie board and champagne and they went to go watch the sunset together. It’s clear that Antia is not from the US, just judging from her accent.

We’re not actually sure where she’s from but we’re going to guess somewhere where the accent is decidedly Dutch. Micah tried his hand at reciting Shakespeare, it wasn’t bad, but hearing Shakespeare with a south Georgia accent is… an experience. As a fellow southern-accented person, Shakespeare is indeed hard to recite when you have that accent.

Will Micah Plath wind up with Antia?

Antia seemed pretty impressed by his efforts. Also, she doesn’t seem very controlling at all, she seems really cool and detached. Micah said that he couldn’t stand entitled girls or girls that were insecure and we hear that. Entitled, insecure, controlling people are the worst.

He also told Antia that he had witnessed his brother’s marital problems and didn’t want there to be a repeat of that. Good for Micah, at least he’s upfront with Antia about his fears and that’s pretty healthy. We must say that we haven’t seen any untoward behavior out of Micah yet, and that’s a good thing.

Micah made a confession about his own relationships, that one relationship in particular got really serious really fast and it only lasted 5 months but apparently it made an impact on him and he decided that that wasn’t the way he wanted to do things anymore.

We have to wonder if that was before or after he moved out of the house with Kim and Barry, it had been hinted at that he had been in one relationship in S2 when he dated Helena but he never said who that girl was or what the relationship was like.

We don’t really have enough information to speculate but we wonder if perhaps the 5 month thing was a courtship gone wrong, or perhaps a situation in which Kim and Barry didn’t know that he was dating a girl and then found out and that was why they kicked him out.

It was never really said why they kicked him out initially, just that he had moved out in S2, but we do wonder if that had anything to do with it. If the 5 month fling was with Helena, then we kind of have an idea of what happened… but Micah won’t spill the tea. That might be good enough for Antia, but the rest of us want to know! Stay tuned!!!