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TLC ‘Welcome To Plathville’ Spoilers: Ethan Plath, Goofy Duck

I think we all laughed at Ethan and Moriah Plath’s beach trip, especially at the end when he launched into the “duck walk” with those flippers! Moriah called him a “goofy duck”, and… yeah she totally called that one. They needed to clear their heads a bit after all that’s been going on, so they decided to go to the beach, but each decided that being out in the country is really where it’s at and really what makes you clear your head.

We have to agree with Moriah, driving in the country is one of those pastimes that gives you time to think and reflect on things, she might be living it up as a city girl in Tampa, Florida, right now but you can still tell that there will always be a part of her connected to her country roots. We’re glad.

Ethan Plath: Goofy Duck

They talked about making a yearly visit to their brother Joshua’s grave. Moriah said that it was hard when she lived in Cairo to do so because it was always so sad, after all Moriah said she was a witness to the entire thing, but now that she’s moved to Tampa and got some distance she thinks that it would be good for her and Ethan (and perhaps Olivia) to make it a yearly thing that they go and visit Joshua’s grave.

This is really sweet and a real testament to how much she and Ethan really loved their brother and want to remember him. Of course, Olivia never knew him but it looks like she’s welcome to visit the grave with them, which is nice.

Ethan spoke highly of Moriah and said that she finally got caught up on all of her bills, even complimented her and said she got caught up on them in two weeks. He did admit that for awhile he was the one paying for both of them after her break-up with ex-boyfriend Max Kallschmidt, and that she had been very upset for awhile over that. (He even called Max an asshole.

Aw, Ethan, such a good brother!) It does beg the question though, what on earth is Moriah doing for work down in Tampa? Is she doing fitness like she was in Cairo, or something else? They never really stated. Guess we’ll find out. Stay tuned!!!