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TLC ‘Welcome To Plathville’ Spoilers: Moriah Plath Deletes Puppies

Moriah Plath was probably genuinely trying to help out a friend when she posted on her IG that a friend of hers had two European Doberman puppies for sale. She posted two pictures, one of the puppies and one of the Mom and Dad, in this case “european” means that they have not had the doberman ear crop done on them because in some countries its illegal and if they are truly from imported from Europe then it would make sense that they don’t have their ears done.

(Even though it looked like the parents did… ahem.) Let’s face it, when Moriah posted about that she probably had no idea about the amount of hate she would get for “supporting breeders” but it’s clear that she found out because the post is gone now.

Moriah Plath deletes puppies?

Now the only thing that we can find on her page is covers of her songs and her other normal fare. So what happened? Well, the post was up for maybe a grand total of an hour, maybe even less, before it was deleted.

She didn’t say which friend it was that had the puppies, and a lot of the comments on this post, aside from one particularly angry one telling people to “adopt don’t shop” were several advertising an instagram lifecoach that no one’s really heard of? Like, seriously, they had nothing to do with the post at all. Whatever the case, the post is gone now.

Considering the weird comments advertising someone else’s instagram, and the quick deletion of the post, you kind of have to wonder if Moriah got hacked and someone else briefly took over her IG page and posted the dogs and let all those strange comments in about the lifecoach’s IG page. The post had a grand total of 5 comments when it was viewed and was almost instantly deleted, so, either Moriah thought better of it, someone at TLC advised her against advertising live animals on her IG for sale, or she was hacked, take your pick.

We are considering she was hacked though because it was such a left field from her usual content, the text sounded like her, but it’s not hard to mimic another person’s “voice” over text. We’ll see if she addresses it. Stay tuned!!!