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’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Why Did Emily Bieberly Really Buy Her Own Ring

If Emily Bieberly wasn’t side-eyed enough by the 90 day fandom as it is, she’s certainly going to be now. Apparently she thought that the pressure of having to buy her a ring was too much for fiance Kobe Blaise so she went out and bought her own ring to replace the one that he had bought her from the streets of China when they first got engaged.

She said that he literally bought it off a street vendor in China so it was dirt cheap, but you have to admit that’s a more interesting ring shopping story than say “We got it at Zales.” because not many people can say that they got their rings that way and it would be something of an heirloom, even if it’s monetary value isn’t that much, that she could pass down to little Koban (or perhaps her daughter) in the future.

’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Emily Beiberly buys her own ring?!

Her family didn’t really help matters in this direction, they seemed to not be that supportive of her continued decision to marry Kobe, even though he’s the Father of her son, their Grandson, they seemed a little – no make that a lot – turned off by the prospect of financially helping out with the wedding.

This is probably another reason why Emily purchased her own ring because she didn’t want to be asking her parents to be purchasing the ring for her. Honestly it seems like they want the couple to move out as soon as possible and stop bugging them but that won’t happen until Kobe can work and support him and we all heard that work visas are on a 6-9month wait-list nowadays.

While it makes sense that Emily would want to purchase her own ring, it also feels hollow, and we are not sure how Kobe is going to react next week when Emily discovered that he did get her a ring and it is floating in her champagne. She said she felt bad about it but we feel more bad for Kobe because he only had $4K saved up and we hope that he didn’t go and blow it all on that one ring. Hope you kept your receipt Kobe! Stay tuned!!!