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Love Is Blind: Shake Chatterjee’s TRASHED As a ‘Loser’ By Ex Deepti’s Family Amid New Romance With Emily

In the second season of Love is Blind, Shake Cahtterjee fell in love with Deepti Vempati through a well. When he met her, he started to have the feeling that he wasn’t physically attracted to her. He asked the women on the show a lot of questions about working out and their weight and many of them thought it was not the reason to be on the show.

The idea of the show, after all, is to fall in love and marry someone that you have never seen. Shake eventually showed how shallow he is and now, he is showing off his new girlfriend.

Love Is Blind: Shake’s Newest Post

This past week, Shake posted some pictures of his new girlfriend, Emily. Shake captioned these pictures, “Good things come to those who don’t settle.” He then went on to say, “Right now, I’m self-focused. It’s interesting though because when you become self-focused, it’s also when you start getting the most attention. When you prioritize yourself, I think that’s the best relationship advice I could give somebody, honestly.”

Love Is Blind: Shake Chatterjee’s New Girlfriend

On Love Is Blind, Shake fell for Deepti and they had built quite the connection with one another from across a wall. Deepti wasn’t sure if she should trust him after he asked her a lot of questions about her weight and how she looked physically. This made her feel a little odd, but she looked over that because of their bond with one another. They ended up talking about how they had never dated anyone who is Indian, which they both are. They had only dated white people so they thought this could be true love.

When they finally met, Shake really did try to see past Deepti’s looks, but he told the other men on the show that when he hung out with her it was like hanging out with a family member. Of course, her true friends told her everything that he said about her and she ended up telling him “no” at the wedding ceremony.

Many fans of the show laughed at his reaction because he was so cocky the entire show. It felt as if she was giving him a taste of his own medicine and she has been praised for sticking by her intuition and dumping him.

Shake was called out by Vanessa Lachey at the tell-all and she told him that he went on the wrong show if he wants to date based on looks. It was nice to see her put him in his place!

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