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Heard VS Depp Update: Amber Heard Details Her Ex-Husband Johnny Depp’s Sexual Assault

Amber Heard claims that her ex-husband Johnny Depp had sexually assaulted her in Australia while he was filming the next installment of the “Pirates of the Caribbean” franchise. Here’s what you need to know.

Amber Heard has claimed that ex-husband Johnny Depp sexually assaulted her and threatened to cut her face with a broken bottle during a heated argument one month after their 2015 marriage. The Hollywood star recounted multiple instances of alleged physical and sexual abuse during her second day on the witness stand in the defamation case filed against her by her ex.

Amber Heard Details Her Ex-Husband Johnny Depp’s Sexual Assault

During her testimony, Heard said Depp threw another bottle at her but “it missed thankfully.” “Also cans, like soda cans, beer or soda cans, and they’re coming at me one after the other. At some point he had a broken bottle up against my face, neck area, by my jawline and he told me he’d carve up my face,” she said, adding that Depp was screaming at her that she had “ruined his life”.

What’s more, Heard said that Depp ripped off her nightgown and sexually assaulted her, while repeatedly threatening to kill her. Heard said she managed to escape and when she came down from her bedroom the next morning she found that Depp had used blood from his finger, food and paint to write “incoherent” messages throughout the house.

As many fans know by now, Depp filed the defamation suit against Heard over a column she wrote for the Washington Post in December 2018 in which she described herself as a “public figure representing domestic abuse.”

Depp has sued Heard for implying he was a domestic abuser and is seeking $50 million in damages Heard has since countersued, asking for $100 million and claiming she suffered “rampant physical violence and abuse” at his hands.

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