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’90 Day Fiancé’: Was Ben Rathbun Battling Addiction?

’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers reveal that Ben Rathbun said in one of his confessionals that he was advised by a therapist not to get into a relationship for a year. Okay valid, but if you are familiar with addiction recovery that is one of the hallmarks, that you are advised not to get into a relationship for anyone year after you start.

So one wonders just what on earth Ben Rathbun may have been battling before he went on Before the 90 days to get with Mahogany Roca. Considering how he got a DUI shortly after the end of filming one can see where that might have been the thing he was battling.

’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Was Ben battling addiction?

It would make sense if Ben was battling some kind of addiction. We aren’t judging but some of his choices on the show were decidedly erratic, also the way he entrapped Mahogany constantly definitely pointed to some kind of problems he was having because he seemed to be in absolute fear of losing her.

When he talked about giving her money and saying that it was “worth it” he seemed like the alternative would have been a fate worse than death, him being alone, that he didn’t want to face. It seemed that he wanted to somehow ensure that Mahogany had a reason to stick around, whether that be him or his money. (Even though Mahogany later came out and said the money part was not true but we really don’t have any proof one way or the other.)

Another option, since Ben is religious, is that he could have been battling a pornography addiction and that would make sense as well. He did seem to have quite a problem talking to girls get didn’t know on Instagram.

If a Christian counselor trying to help him through his addiction was following the same sort of principals as Alcoholics Anonymous and simply applying it to the addiction to pornography (or internet sites and social media in general) then the advice not to get into a relationship for a year would make sense as well.

There is also the interesting theory that high demand religions like the one Ben was raised in is similar to being raised in the household of an alcoholic so he could just be recovering from religious trauma – it doesn’t seem to have damaged his actual faith though. Either way, it seems that he is pretty early in his recovery so we wonder how that is going? Stay tuned!!!