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90 Day Fiancé: Miona Bell Surprising To Meeting Jibri Bell’s Parents

On 90 Day Fiancé, Miona Bell has finally made it to her fiancé’s home in South Dakota. Jibri Bell welcomed her with open arms and a literal red carpet. It was great! She loved it, they were excited to see one another and he even got her some pink boots so she could really fit in there. She loved all the gifts and love from him, but she doesn’t like South Dakota, plain and simple.

She wants to live in Los Angeles, but right now, JIbri doesn’t seem to have a job and he is living with his parents to save money for their life together. It is clear that Miona doesn’t understand just how expensive their life is going to be. Now that she is with him, they are on their way to his home and this is when she gets to meet his parents.

90 Day Fiancé: Miona Bell Meets The Parents

Miona has been very nervous about meeting his mother. He has told her a lot about her and she seems to be set in her ways, but Miona must realize that she is living under her roof and must obey her rules. No matter what. It can be intimidating meeting someone’s parents for the first time, especially when coming from another culture.

Miona has quite the persona on social media and Jibri’s mother mentioned that she was always half-naked in her pictures and didn’t want her dressing like that in her home. Jibri just said it was for show, but his mother isn’t so sure.

When they get to the house, Jibri’s parents welcome her with hugs and kisses. His step-father, Brian says that he really likes her at the first meeting and she seems so sweet and kind. This is good for Jibri, he thinks. His mother says that she thought Miona would be more nervous coming into their home and she was shocked that she seemed so eager to hug them and get comfortable. She told the cameras that she didn’t “really know her yet, but I really like her too.” Then she looked at Brian and made a cringing smile.

At dinner, things get really intense. When his mother says that it is fall and the weather will get very cold soon, she asks her what she will do in winter. Miona says that they will be in California before Christmas.

His parents look very surprised by this comment because they know how much money their son doesn’t have saved up for a move like that. His mother is very worried about the lack of communication about the move. She thinks that they need to work on their communication in order to be in a healthy relationship.

Then his mother drops the expectations that they have about the house. Cooking and cleaning came up and Miona said that she and Jibri can cook a clean for one day out of the week. Miona was not ok with all of these strict rules. Then the working came up.

Miona said that she wants to start her own makeup business in America. Jibri gets irritated with his parents and tells them that they need to stop asking questions when she just got off the plane. Brian tells them that they just need to get settled after a long day for Miona.

Will she make it through? Watch on 90 Day Fiancé on TLC to see what happens next.

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