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90 Day Fiancé: Jesse Meester’s New Book Pulled From Amazon

When authors write a book, they are thrilled to release it everywhere and Amazon has made it pretty easy to do too. One 90 Day Fiancé cast member just found out that his book has been pulled from Amazon and he is not too thrilled about it. Why did Jesse Meester’s book get pulled? We have the full details here.

90 Day Fiancé: Jesse’s Book

We know that Jesse was first on the show when he was dating Darcey Silva. These two did not see eye to eye one bit and they ended up breaking up pretty quickly. When fans looked into him more, he had posted that he worked several jobs in the “real world” and it looks as if one of them was a fitness instructor and an author. He wrote a book called Intermittent Fasting back in 2020 and it has not been well-received at all.

90 Day Fiancé: Jesse Meester’s New Book Pulled From Amazon

Literally, just a few days after he published it onto the Amazon platform, the book was taken down. It seems that they took it down after the book had started to receive some horrible reviews. The book was released on April 2,2021 and was pulled on the 5th. That is when Jesse told Amazon that he would take legal action. He told his fans that “keyboard warriors have left false/defamatory reviews on Amazon without even having purchaed my book.” He went on to say, “We are looking for a US civil litigation attorney to assist in brining legal action.”

From what we have seen, it doesn’t look as if Jesse ever took Amazon to court, but the book is no longer available there. Fans can purchase it from his website and he also has a way for fans to Skype him for an hour to learn more about fasting. Not many fans of the show are erally sure what else he does, but with all of his traveling, it does seem that he has a pretty decent income coming in. Perhaps he is a jack of all trades and really has been hustling to make ends meet.

Now it looks as if Jesse and Jeniffer Tarazona are still going strong and they are getting closer than ever. You can follow both of them on their Instargam accounts and see what traveling they are doing now. No one thought that they would be a couple to make it, but it looks as if they are doing very well together.

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