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Update On the Lateche Norris found alive and safe due to help from Gabby Petito’s family

Missing Person Late4che Norris, who previously had not been heard from since November 5th has been found alive partially due to social media and a tweet from Gabby Petito’s Dad.

Originally, the police in San Diego were not going to put out a high alert, saying that Lateche was at-risk, however, Mom, Cheryl Walker took the fight to them when she went on a San Diego news outlet and was recorded as saying, “My daughter is equally important as Gabby Petito.” and the Petito family agreed.

Lateche Norris found alive and safe due to help from Gabby Petito’s family

Gabby Petito’s own Father tweeted out the information about Lateche Norris which caught national social media attention and a ton of tips poured in, including the Nov. 4th convenience store surveillance tape of her and boyfriend Joey Smith, whom she had specifically traveled to San Diego to see.

Seems there is no love lost between Walker and Smith however, she hadn’t spoken favorably about him in any of the interviews that she had done and had mentioned that he had had trouble with previous substance abuse problems which would make any Mom worry.

Fortunately, both have been found safe. However, Walker had every right to be worried because Lateche’s case and the Gabby Petito case was eerily similar to one another. Like Petito, Norris had traveled across the country from Indiana to visit her boyfriend.

Mom Cheryl believes that a fight went down between the two at one point, and once Lateche called her Mom from a strange number, asking for Joey’s number, who also called from a strange number, according to TMZ who spoke to Latche’s Dad, Walter Callum, all’s well that ends well because she is now with her Mom.

The Petito family reached out to her Mom to sympathize with what she was going through, because they went through the similar experience of having a missing adult child, and to give her tips on how to handle the media, our hearts go out to both families.

Thankfully, this is a case in which everything turned out fine, this could have taken a much darker turn, but this is one of the times in which the power of social media was actually used for good.

Cheryl Walker had previously believed that her daughter’s case didn’t get much news coverage because of her race – but perhaps the narrative is changing. We can only hope. Stay tuned!!!

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