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'90 Day Fiance': David Murphey And Single Life - Fans Have Been Cheering Him On

90 Day Fiancé: David Murphey’s Dating Life Update Post Lana

David Murphey from 90 Day Fiancé has had a lot of experience when it comes to dating Ukrainian women. There was a lot of talk that Lana was a catfish until she agreed to meet him face to face. Despite proposing to her, Lana and David have split, but it looks like he is still keeping up with his online, Ukrainian romances.

90 Day Fiancé: David’s New Love Connections

David has been rumored to be dating Amira Lollysa from 90 Day Fiancé, but there are other rumors about his love of Ukrainian women. Lana also appeared on the Domenick Nati show and she claims that David is the one who stopped talking to her. She said that she was very upset with him because he stopped chatting with her and that is why they out of each other’s lives.

90 Day Fiancé: David Murphey’s Dating Life

She said it was all his doing. Lana also mentioned that most of the scenes in the show are completely scripted. She told Nati, “I did not participate in the tell-all because the show did not all the truth to be told and I no longer wanted to participate in this stupidity that they created.”

Lana has been seen on multiple dating sites for American men and she claimed that her engagement between David was all for the show. David also appeared on Nati’s show a while back and he mentioned that when he was in Ukraine, he was really going to meet another woman. He mentioned that he has “never been stoodup” by a woman and when Lana didn’t show up, it was a blow to the ego.

David has said that he is not dating Amira and they are just friends. He has not confirmed if they have been intimate or romantic, but he did confirm that the live separately. He did tell his fans that right now, he is dating six different women from Ukraine! He really does want to move there and try and explore these relationships. He did fall in love with Ukraine when he went to visit and it is his goal to eventually move there for good.

Lana has shared videos of herself in Ukraine and shared one from a bomb shelter, just a few days ago. She told her fans that it was scary there and she was happy that many of her fans did reach out to her to check in and see if she was OK.

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