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TLC 'Sister Wives' Spoilers: Are Robyn and Kody Brown Done?

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown Opens Up About “The Nanny”

With all of the tension running high with the Brown family on Sister Wives, it was a bit of a shock to see that Robyn Brown hired a nanny. Robyn is the one wife who has younger children and needs more help with them. Did she need to hire a nanny though?

Can Kody Brown not help her with the children? Kody told cameras, “Robyn and I have an employee, we call her a ‘nanny’, she comes over, she helps with caring for the kids and she helps with schooling the kids.”

Sister Wives: The Wives React

It didn’t take long for the other wives to get upset about the nanny. Christine Brown was very upset about it when she learned that Robyn hired a nanny. This completely broke the rules that Kody made about COVID-19 and this really changed their feelings about these rules. As part of the rules, Kody wanted none of the wives to invite any one over that wasn’t part of the family. How was it fine to hire this stranger, but they can’t have visitors?

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown’s Nanny

Christine tells Kody, “She’s over all the time. So, she doesn’t go anywhere, her husband’s the only one that does the shopping. So I don’t understand why Ysabel can’t come over and hang out. She’s devastated.” Then Christine added in a confessional, “What is the nanny and her husband  doing that makes it so they can come over? Cause when I’m home, I do exactly what I should, yet my girls can’t see their siblings. What does the nanny do?”

Christine doesn’t back down when it comes to talking about the nanny. She told Kody that she felt that it was time to drop all of his restrictions that he has on his family if he is going to let this new woman into their home. She added, “It’s been six months and we’re not doing well. I need a guarantee that we really are going to have Thanksgiving, otherwise I’m leaving.”

Kody ends up asking the entire family to vote on these regulations that he put into place. We will have to wait and see what they decide.

If you are curious what will happen next with the Brown family and their new nanny, you will have to stay tuned to Sister Wives. It airs on TLC on Sunday nights at 9 p.m. EST. We hope that the Browns can figure out what to do about these COVID-19 rules.

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