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Gabby Petito Case: Brian Laundrie’s Remains Were Reportedly “Scavenged” By animals, According To Authorities

In a shocking, 47 page report detailing how the remains of Brian Laundrie were found, authorities said that his remains were in plain sight and that the majority of his skeleton was recovered with very few bones missing, but in a rather gruesome turn of events they said that there were gnaw marks on them, having clearly been scavenged by what they said were coyotes and feral dogs, as well as racoons.

There were no mention of alligators, even though that was a common fear mentioned back in October when they were looking for Laundrie.

Brian Laundrie’s remains were reportedly “scavenged” by animals, according to authorities

They said that his belongings were in a ‘drybag’ in a secondary site near his skeletal remains and that the bag contained a wooden box with a notebook and photos – one of the photos was of Laundrie himself, but they did not specify what the other photos were of.

Inside the wooden box was where the notebook and the subsequent note detailing responsibility for the death of girlfriend Gabby Petito was. We still do not know the content of said note, and at this point we doubt it will be released seeing as those items have respectively gone back to the families.

It’s interesting that they say now that the remains were in plain view because they said before that the remains were submerged under water where the area had flooded. Then again the park was closed for three weeks, but it’s amazing that no one noticed an increase of scavenger activity in the area where Laundrie’s body potentially was.

Another thing that doesn’t quite add up is the type of scavengers they said that got to his remains, at first they were saying alligators, but now… coyotes? One is semi-aquatic, which one could believe given the fact that the area was submerged in water at the time of Laundrie’s disappearance, but coyotes?

Granted… scavenging animals are pretty determined and opportunistic, still it seems like those two particular predators and scavengers wouldn’t necessarily show up in the same place at the same time. There has been no statement by the Laundrie or Petito family and we doubt there will be… what can you really say when faced with a truth like this? Stay tuned!!!

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