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Big Brother: Will Nene Leakes Be On the Show?

There have been many rumors circulating around about the newest season of Celebrity Big Brother. One of these rumors is that Nene Leakes will be on the show. The show will be in its third season and Nene decided that she needed to look further into these rumors to let her fans know what was going on.

Big Brother: Nene’s Newest Post

Nene spent ten seasons on the hit show, Real Housewives of Atlanta and she did make quite a name for herself on it. She has had plenty of opportunities from being on the show and made an impression on the show, Glee. She has been on other shows and on Broadway as well. Being on RHOA really opened up a lot of doors for her.

Big Brother: Will Nene Leakes Be On the Show

With Nene’s name being tossed around for Celebrity Big Brother she knew that she had to explain what was going on to her fans. It was first reported by the Instagram account, The Jasmine Brand. Nene saw it and took to her social media accounts about what was going on.

She posted on Instagram, “Y’all must know something I don’t. This is news to me.” That comment shows that Nene had no idea that her name was being thrown around about being on Celebrity Big Brother. The rumor could have stemmed from another for Atlanta Housewife, Kandi Burruss, being on the show. There are also rumors about some other celebrities too.

Rumors are floating around about other celebrities appearing on the show in 2022. These celebrities are Vanilla Ice, Tiffany Pollard, Lamar Odom, and Sha’carri Richardson. The network hasn’t denied or confirmed any of the cast members as of yet.

Nene has also been talking about going back to being on the Real Housewives of Atlanta. Fans of the show loved her personality and how she stole the show, but with the death of her husband, it was hard for her to do it again. She was also in some negotiations with Bravo and her contract so things didn’t end very well for her. She also had a falling out with Andy Cohen and the two of them had some tough conversation.

In November of 2021, Nene told her fans, “Yeah, sure, I’ll return to the show. I’m OK with returning to the show as long as we can work through a few things. I’m happy to return to the show. Besides, I have a lot of unfinished business with a couple of them that they confirmed on the show.”

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