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Sister Wives: Christine Brown Packs Kody Brown’s Belongings

On Sister Wives, we have now seen Christine Brown break up the plural marriage by leaving the family and going back to Utah. On the January 23 episode, she told Kody Brown that she was going to leave him and the tension between these two really did go all over the place!

Sister Wives: Christine’s Had Enough

Christine is tired of Kody acting like he is not interested in her at all. He hasn’t been intimate with her in months and now she is just tired of being a “good sister wife.” Many of her fans can’t blame her because of the way that Kody has treated her lately.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Packs Kody Brown’s Belongings

She tells cameras, “It’s over. The intimate part of our marriage is over. And to be honest, I’m not OK with that. I’m not OK with staying in a marriage where there’s no intimacy. That’s not a real marriage. I’m not interested in a half marriage or a partial marriage or whatever we have.”

Apparently, Christine’s heart is shattered by the way Kody has treated her lately and she is just tired of it happening all the time now. Kody has bad-mouthed her and even told her that he doesn’t like the way that she looks anymore. All of this has been adding up and she started to pack up his stuff that was at her house.

Kody tells cameras, “She said, ‘I don’t want you to stay in my room anymore.’ She’s like, ‘My room is a special place to me and nothing special happens there for us.’ I’m like, ‘OK, I  know a lot of people have marriages that are like this- romance-free marriage.’ She says, ‘That’s not for me. So I don’t want you in my room. Go ahead and go on out. You can come to visit the kids, but don’t plan on staying in my room.'”

Kody feels that Christine has “murdered our intimacy with betrayal” because she ended up threatening to leave their family and marriage. He thinks that it could possibly be a phase, but we don’t think so! In this episode, she is torn and isn’t sure what to tell their children about their relationship. It is clear that it is over, but Christine wants to tell them in a way that they understand.

We do all know that Christine does leave Kody, but we can still watch it all go down on Sister Wives. It airs on TLC on Sunday nights.

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