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Univision Vencer el Pasado Spoilers: Sore losers and liars




Univision Vencer el Pasado spoilers reveal Alonso Cancino (Horacio Pancheri) is beyond pathetic. After Renata Sánchez Vidal (Angelique Boyer) refused to go back with him, he apparently decided to get revenge. We’ll see how far his tactic goes. Meanwhile, Rodrigo Valencia (Luis Curiel) is about to deal with a hard truth. Let’s take a look at a highlight and what’s ahead.

Univision Vencer el Pasado Spoilers: Liar, liar

First, Vencer el Pasado spoilers indicate tension last night between Rodrigo and Darío Valencia Grimaldi (Sebastián Rulli). After learning he’s not going to walk again, he took out some of his anger on his brother. He blamed Darío for getting his hopes up and insisting he kept chasing treatments that went nowhere. Things got worse at the end of the episode, and we’ll see some consequences from it tonight.

Vencer el Pasado spoilers reveal Rodrigo discovers Darío doesn’t work at the college. Darío did at one point. However, he’s been lying to Rodrigo by claiming he still works there. In reality, he quit to chase a job (and revenge) at Biogenelab. This will surely make Rodrigo’s image of his brother worse right now.

Not to mention the embarrassment ahead. There’s a girl Rodrigo likes and it looked like Rodrigo was going to arrange a meeting between her and Darío. But now he’ll look like a liar who pretended to have a professor brother.

Univision Vencer el Pasado Spoilers: Guilty conscience?

In other news, it sounds like Javier Mascaró Zermeño (Ferdinando Valencia) might have a couple of things going on. See, he will confront Darío to find out if he is still interested in taking his job at Biogenelab. We know Javier wants to keep the spot, as it’s part of his own revenge against his father.

Given the way they’ve talked at home, we believe this will be partly motivated by an inferiority complex. But, given what we know about Darío, it’s also possible Javier can spot a schemer when he sees one. After all, it takes one to know one…

Personally, we think it would be an interesting twist if the pair ended up discovering each other’s motives and working together for a mutual goal. However, if we’re right about it being Javier being to blame for that accident, this could get ugly fast.

Univision Vencer el Pasado Spoilers: Seriously?

Finally, Vencer el Pasado spoilers reveal Alonso really outdid himself last night. During a trip to Biogenelab following her rejection, he went out of his way to point the viral video starring Renata. And he even claimed she tried to steal a project from him. So, he is definitely out for blood. He’s just kind of short-sighted, in our opinion.

If he gets her fired somehow, he has zero prayer of keeping a job there, or anywhere else in the industry. He’s got no talent for the work and Renata has carried him for years. So, we can’t with the idea he’s being so petty. She even pointed out he stole the project from her before that video came out. So, he was betraying her from the start. So, who really deserves a little revenge? It’s sure not him.

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