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‘The Bachelorette’ Spoilers: ‘Happily Engaged’ Katie Thurston Confronts Greg Grippo After the Final Rose

The Bachelorette’ spoilers find that Katie sure was angry for a woman so ‘happily engaged’ when she confronted her ex, Greg during last night’s After the Final Rose.

Shortly after audiences watched a ho-hum proposal from who seemed to be third choice, Blake Moynes (who incidentally has now dated three Bachelorettes, so there may be some kismet there) …

Katie Thurston had her chance to sit down with the man who rather inexplicably up and left the show after hometowns, leaving the lead high and dry.

The tension was high when Katie, 30, joined Greg, 28 on stage, speaking for the first time since Greg Grippo left the New Mexican ‘bubble’ and things only got frostier from there

After watching her split with Greg air the week prior, Katie implied via social media that he was gaslighting her during their fight. She doubled down on the claim during their face off and neither seemed to truly listen to the other as they spoke of why the relationship didn’t work.

So heated about being ditched prior to the finale, there was little Greg could have said to Katie to appease her.

In fact, Katie still holding so tightly to her hurt feelings surprised fans considering she only just finished waxing lyrical about how deliriously happy she is to be engaged to number 3…er, Blake.


With accusations of acting for the camera’s (and Greg’s pretty hilarious denial of being the next Meryl Streep), Katie quickly began to fall from favor:


And some viewers began to wonder if she wasn’t doing exactly what she had accused Greg of:


Others wondered how number 3, Blake would react when he watched the show:

And more knew the whole thing could have been avoided if a certain someone had stuck around:

All around, it was a pretty unsatisfying season, and, though Bachelor in Paradise will soon air to dumb down our Monday nights- hopes are already being pinned on Bachelor season 26 favorite, Michelle Young to pull us from a several season slump when her Bachelorette season premiers this September.

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