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Kate Middleton Sought Queen Elizabeth’s Advice On Parenting – British Royal Family

If there’s one person that anyone would love to get solid and sound advice from, it’s most definitely Queen Elizabeth. After all, she’s not only the Queen of England, but someone who has outlived more wars, battles, tragedies, royal drama, and pandemics than anyone else on the planet.

So it’s no wonder that her grandson Prince William’s wife Kate Middleton sought her advice on how to parent her three little children in the royal spotlight. Here’s what you need to know.

According to royal expert Katie Nicholl in the True Royalty’s documentary, “Kate Middleton: Heir We Go Again,” she says that the Duchess of Cambridge found that carrying out her royal duties while also trying to take care of a small child at home was a difficult task for her to take on after she gave birth to her son Prince George in 2013.

Kate Middleton Sought Queen Elizabeth’s Advice On Parenting 

Nicholl put it this way, “Kate was having a conversation with the Queen in which she confided that she had found being with George on her own and not having a full-time nanny or a maternity nurse, very hard. William and Kate wanted to be hands-on parents, and they did it until September and then they recruited a nanny.”

Nicholl went on to say that while Prince William and Kate Middleton did hire a nanny, they also relied a lot on the help of Kate’s parents, Michael Middleton and Carole Middleton at the time.

She said, “One of the things that allows William and Kate to be so ordinary is the presence of the Middletons in their lives. Carole is a regular through those golden gates at Kensington Palace, she whizzes through in her Land Rover. There is no security because everybody knows her. She turns up to help with bedtime and bathtime. She is absolutely indispensable.”

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