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‘Bachelor in Paradise’ First Guest Host David Spade Was Well Received, But What Did He Think of It All?  

Bachelor in Paradise’ season 7 premiered with a bang this week. After its two year hiatus and a change in hosts, fans were simultaneously expecting a lot, and not much at all.

While the cast has been highly anticipated- and with two fan favorites Abigail Herringer and Grocery Store Joe Amabile first to hit the beach, back-to-back, Bachelor Nation was instantly elated- however, it has been the line-up of ‘interesting’ guest hosts that has had fans intrigued as to how this season will look.

‘Bachelor in Paradise’ First Guest Host David Spade Was Well Received, But What Did He Think of It All?  

Love his comedy or hate it (and most humans on this planet find it is a mix of both), David Spade was the right choice to be rolled out to the beach first. Considering how he had a fair amount of seasons of catching up to do…

Spade handled the introductions with wit and the right amount of awkwardness (did we really need to see all ten minutes it took to open Kelsey Weier 2.0’s champagne bottle? Yes, yes we did).

He also may have had a little help from everyone’s favorite bartender…

Unfortunately not all the castaways knew exactly who Spade was, with Tammy Ly calling him Dave- not out of familiarity but because she thought he was Dave Chapelle. We can see how she got confused…

Demi Burnett, breezing into Paradise as the credits rolled was a little more clued into her host’s past, greeting Spade with “Hi, Joe Dirt.”

So, as much as Bachelor Nation was receptive to Spade-what did the comedian think of being in Paradise?

“I went to ‘Crab city’ in Mexico,” he told and The Aspen Times. “It’s funny because when you go there, they say, ‘Oh, this is crab season.’ I don’t even know what that means. Crabs are supposed to be cute. I have only really heard about them from California rolls, but, when there’s too many, it’s scary,” he continued.

Maybe they’re getting their own back from all that sushi eating?

“They’re just spiders with good PR. They walk sideways, which nobody likes, and they were in my room and bathroom every night. It was just terrifying. I had to deal with that along with all the contestants,” David added.

Not the best advertising for Sayulita, Mexico or the Playa Escondida resort where Bachelor in Paradise is filmed each crab season, er, we mean summer.

Aside from the crustacean issue, Spade did say he had a great time as the first guest host.

“I would go out, do my opening remarks and then I’d lay low while they basically were out there getting heatstroke,” he said. “Then I would walk out and say, ‘Hey, gather round, we’re going to do a rose ceremony. How did your date go? Did you make out?’ All that stuff.”

Unfortunately we shouldn’t get too attached to Spade’s humor in Paradise as, as quickly Grocery Store Joe can go from packing his duffle bag to making out with someone who wasn’t born when he went to high school, we’ll have a new man on the beach. Here’s hoping Titus Burgess, Lance Bass and Lil Jon can keep up wit Spade’s great start!

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