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’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Ronald Smith Said It!

’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers reveal that Tiffany Franco and hubby Ronald Smith are splitsville. They made the announcement on social media awhile back, but as of this airing, the fight behind the fight has finally been made public. The fight was a continuation from the fight that they had had post marriage-counseling session.

Tiffany was simply asking him to do things for her and Ronald blew up at her, telling her that she should “know her place”, obviously he missed the memo somewhere that Tiffany’s not that girl, and she proceeded to tell him that.

’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Ronald said it

She said he’s used to South African girls, who would just go in the kitchen and cook anytime he wanted. That’s not who Tiffany is, Tiffany is a makeup artist, she’s technically a cosmetic company owner, she’s definitely not Paula Deen or a short-order cook.

He’s her husband not her boss or her ‘king’, besides that I am pretty sure that South Africa isn’t under monarchy rule anymore and even if it was that monarch wouldn’t be Ronald. The people tend to revolt if the King gambles away all of their money and makes stupid decision, so Tiffany’s within her rights.

So, King Ronald, as I’m sure he’d like to be known, finally got tired of Tiffany and told her to get out of his house and to go back to America. We all saw that coming, he can’t take criticism and he can’t manage to change in the way that Tiffany needs for him to, so he made the decision easy for her.

She said, “You want me to get my stuff and go back to America? Alright, you said it.” and promptly started packing her things. Ronald went outside, I’m under the impression that he thinks that Tiffany won’t actually board the plane back to the United States but she said in her confessional that her marriage is over.

Good, now the rest of us can stop collectively cringing every time we see her and Ronald on-screen. Is this the end of their fighting? No, probably not, we’re still in for a boatload of that, but at least we know that Tiffany and her kids will be safely back in the US. Stay tuned!!!

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