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Dr. Jill Biden Opens Up About Being A Teacher In The White House

She might be the First Lady of the United States, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have the time to talk to her students or grade her papers after class.

Dr. Jill Biden recently opened up to Vogue Magazine about the two roles that she is currently juggling right now: that as a college English teacher and the wife of the President of the United States. Here’s what she has to say.

In her interview, Dr. Biden admitted that no one thought she could keep teaching in college after Joe Biden won the White House. She said, “I heard that all the time during the campaign. Like, ‘No. You’re not going to be able to teach as first lady.’ And I said, ‘Why not? You make things happen, right?’”

Dr. Jill Biden Opens Up About Being A Teacher In The White House

She also said she taught a creative writing class mostly for men last semester. Dr. Biden recalled, “Maybe two months ago they said, ‘Hey, Dr. B…. Can we ask you a question?’  ” I said yeah.

They said, ‘When we write in our journals, can we curse?’ I don’t know what they thought! We never said the words first lady ever. So I said, ‘Yes, you can curse.’ Because I tell them they can write anything. And here they are, these young men, like, ‘Yes! We can curse!’ I loved that. After that class, I felt…good. I’ve achieved what I wanted to achieve: They see me as their English teacher.”

The FLOTUS also admits there is so much work to do in her role for the next four years. She admitted, “When I became second lady—and there was so much I wanted to do—I always said, ‘I will never waste this platform.’  And now I have a bigger platform and I feel every day, like….What could I give up? That I would want to give up? Nothing. If anything, I feel like adding more things, but I know it’s not possible, because you want to stay centered, because you want to do things well. And there’s so much to do. There is…so. Much. To. Do.”

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