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Emma Slater

‘Dancing with the Stars’: Emma Slater Praises Tyra Banks’ Hosting Performances

Emma Slater

Emma Slater, best known for being a professional dancer on Dancing with the Stars, has praised the show’s host Tyra Banks for the marvellous job she has been doing.  

‘Dancing with the Stars’: Emma Slater Praises Tyra Banks’ Hosting Performances

This is welcome news for Tyra, given that fans had questioned whether she was capable of doing the show. The criticism emerged after the previous hosts, Tom Bergeron and Erin Andrews, decided to leave the show after being hosts for over a decade.

Naturally, they built a strong rapport with the dancers, as well as the fans, which would have made it almost impossible for anyone to follow in their shoes. Therefore, there were even rumours that Tom may be brought back in order to displace Tyra.

But given that these rumours have been quashed by Tom, himself, Tyra has received the full backing of everyone. And her performances have been there for all to see. During an interview with Us Weekly, Emma praised Tyra’s personality.

She said: “I think she did an amazing job… She’s larger than life. She’s absolutely gorgeous. I would have loved to have gotten to know her more on a personal level. Because of COVID, we couldn’t, but I think she did a phenomenal job.”

That is not to say that Tyra has won over everyone. During the current season, she made a notorious blunder by mistakenly revealing the incorrect couple as being safe from elimination. This could have been enough to make any person crumble, especially when there is scrutiny.

Tyra, like many others have done in the past, remained composed. She acknowledged her mistake and vowed to learn from it. That is what impressed Emma. She added: “The way that she handled that situation when there was sort of misinformation between her cue cards and the prompter. I actually thought she did a really great job with that. That was a difficult situation.”

It is great to see Tyra receiving the backing of her full crew. If she continues to retain the support of everyone involved, then her job is not at risk of going anywhere. In the meantime, she can continue to grow into her role, which is all that we can ask for. 

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