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‘Dancing With The Stars’: Bobby Bones Would Be Open To Co-Hosting With Tyra Banks

Bobby Bones left his mark on Dancing with the Stars, but there is a feeling that he could have some unfinished business.

‘Dancing With The Stars’: Bobby Bones Would Be Open To Co-Hosting With Tyra Banks

Bobby was a massive success on the show, having won with professional dancer Sharna Burgess in 2018. While he enjoyed major success, it seems Bobby would be open to a return. That, though, would only be in one capacity. During an interview with Us Weekly, Bobby said: “If they came and said, ‘Hey, why don’t you come back and host with Tyra?’

“That would be something I would consider.” So how realistic is that? It is not out of the realms of possibility if we look at how the show’s current host Tyra Banks has been doing. The latter has been criticised for failing to resonate with the audience since she was given the go-ahead to replace Tom Bergeron and Erin Andrews.

The duo had been a mainstay on the show for over a decade. Naturally, anything that Tyra would have done may have shown her as coming up short. Bobby, however, saw it differently. He remarked: Tyra killed it and did a great job.” Bobby has put his name into the hat to help Tyra, and by all accounts, the producers reached out to him.

But a conflict with his schedule meant that he could not take it. Nevertheless, he has left the door open again. He added: “If they ever came back and said, ‘Hey, let’s talk about it again,’ I would love to be able to look and see if we can make it work.” Despite his enthusiasm for hosting, would Bobby consider a return to the show as a dancer?

He has such a huge appeal, given that his victory was clouded by accusations that he was not necessarily the best dancer. Sadly, that chapter is a closed book. He stated: “Nope, no chance. Listen, I won. I was one of the worst dancers, right? I used the power of the people.” It will be fascinating to see whether the producers reach out to Bobby.

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