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’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Is Ronald Smith Actually Trying?

’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers reveal that Ronald Smith may actually be trying with wife, Tiffany Franco Smith. After their initial tiff, where he got mad at her about talking to his Mom about their marital issues, Tiffany sat him down and had a heart to heart about what she expected out of him and told him that he wasn’t actually doing that much to keep her happy.

Of course, Ronald fell back on the old cultural standby of “In South Africa, we do things this way” but Tiffany doesn’t believe that way, she does not believe that a man should lead a woman, and unlike Angela, she said that has nothing to do with her nationality, but rather because she has a brain.

’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Is Ronald actually trying?

Ronald believes in more of a traditional role for the male in the relationship, that Tiffany should be doing all the work and that he should just be the “fun” person that the kids turn to when they want to play. It does not work that way, Dad’s don’t only get to hang out with their kids when it’s fun, parenting is actual work but it doesn’t look like that has occured to Ronald yet.

He still thinks that all parenting is, is hanging out with Daniel and being bros, but parenting is also helping to take care of his only daughter while his wife catches a break.

What Tiffany asked of Ronald is not hard, she said she wasn’t trying to take away his manliness or whatever he was interpreting it as, she was simply trying to get him to step up his game so that they could actually be equal partners, he seemed to understand what she wanted of him but we’ve seen the social media posts already so just like Mike and Natalie we can only guess where the Tiffany and Ronald express will derail.

It’s on its way off the cliff already. We just have to watch it crash and burn, the only question is, when? Right now things look halfway promising and rosy, but that probably won’t last too long knowing these two. Stay tuned!!!

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