Is ‘Counting On’ Over? Duggar Kids Race for Insta-Sponsors As They Prepare for the End Following Josh Duggar’s Arrest

Counting On’ hasn’t been cancelled by TLC, but it hasn’t been renewed, either. Though he never featured on the show, the arrest of Josh Duggar for possession of child pornography is believe to be the fatal blow to the show– if you ask viewers. It seems the Duggar kids believe this, too.

A flurry of activity has begun amongst the older Duggar children who make their living from the show. As they anticipate the end of the TLC paycheck, several of them are branching out, most of them turning to social media, looking for sponsorship opportunities.

‘Counting On’ Over? Duggar Kids Race for Insta-Sponsors As They Prepare for the End.

Abbie Duggar, sold off  married to John David in 2018 has created her own Poshmark store, reselling used clothing (not hers- phew!) and several other Duggar ladies, born into or auctioned off  married into the huge and famous family have started promoting products on their social media pages by recording themselves using the products (like magnetic lashes and various hair care products) and sharing  promotional codes.

Jinger and her husband Jeremy Vuolo released a book and both Jessa Seewald and Joy-Anna Forsyth have monetized their YouTube channels.

While this could all be coincidence and the Duggars are just learning  now they can bring in the big bucks from side hustles, it also could be the end of the Duggar stranglehold reign (slippery keyboard…sorry) on the TLC huge and weird family category.

While we don’t know yet if the show has officially come to an end, TLC has recently renewed the old favorites like I am Jazz, Little People, Big World and worthy Duggar replacement with all the weird rules but none of the sexual abuse claims, Welcome to Plathville.

Following Josh Duggar’s molestation scandal, TLC canceled 19 Kids & Counting. It looks like the Counting On spin-off could be affected in much the same way by the oldest Duggar kids continual crimes.

Watch this space for Counting On updates as we receive them!

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