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Elton John Is a JoJo Siwa Stan




Bona fide legend, Elton John is singing JoJo Siwa’s praises.

Understandably elated to receive Elton’s video pride message, 18 year old JoJo reposted the lovely clip to her Instagram.

“JoJo, I want to congratulate you on sharing yourself with the world and coming out this year,” the 74 year old superstar began.

He went on to welcome the Dance Moms alum to the LGBTQ+ community and gushed with awe over how, at 17, JoJo was bold enough to come out, speak her truth and inspire so many young people and their families. “You were able to do something that took people of my generation decades to do.”

Elton John Is a JoJo Siwa Stan

Elton went on to call JoJo “a shining example” and commended the teen for showing that “love is love and people are people and that is that.”

Of course, a man like Elton would not be able to resist commenting on JoJo’s bright, sparkly fashions. “As I like to say, ‘More is more, darling.’”

The Rocketman finished his video message by telling the People Magazine Digital Pride edition covergirl, “Keep giving us the full JoJo, unfiltered, full of joy, utterly yourself, and let’s all do the same. Happy Pride, and big love to everyone.”

JoJo exclaimed that the icon’s message “made my life” and thanked the LGBTQ+ activist for “being the sweetest and most inspiring person ever.”

JoJo threw a huge Pride bash at her home to celebrate her first ever pride as an out and proud member of the community, complete with a bouncy house, rainbow dyed dog, barbie wall and a rhinestone encrusted rainbow piano Elton would die to get his hands on.

Of her surprise coming out in January, JoJo said, “Personally I have never, ever, ever been this happy before and it feels really awesome.”

JoJo has received countless messages of congratulations and thanks for living her truth, but I’m sure they all pale in comparison to receiving such a lovely message from such and iconic person as Elton freaking John!

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