Brits Hate All Of The Excessive Prince Harry And Meghan Markle News

The British public is over all of the excessive round-the-clock news about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. In fact, many viewers of the new GB News channel took to their social media accounts to once again bemoan the fact that many British journalists seem to be obsessed with all things Harry and Meghan. Here’s what you need to know.

After royal expert Dan Wooton’s new talk show aired on the GB News channel, it didn’t take very long for fans and critics alike to take to their social media accounts to complain about the topic of the show.

Dan invited several royal authors to discuss whether or not the royal family can survive after all of the supposed damage that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle had done to them.

Brits Hate All Of The Excessive Prince Harry And Meghan Markle News

Viewers didn’t seem to care to want to know the answer, as they’ve made it pretty clear that they are simply tired of hearing about Prince Harry and Meghan during every single news hour.

During his interview with Lady Colin Campbell, he asked her about her views on how the royal family is “dealing” with Harry and Meghan.

She said, “Well of course they’ve tried everything so far and two years ago before they decamped to Hollywood, they tried to control her and manage the situation and sort of get her back on the straight and narrow.”

Many critics commented on the news show with, “In all of my years (78), I have never seen anything like what happened with Meghan Markle because, even though she is gone from the UK, the venom just keeps flowing daily,” along with, “It just shows you what that couple of no brain idiots are like a pair of money grabbing dopes what parent in their right minds would register a tiny baby as a domain on the netPlease take away their titles and make them ordinary people they wanted privacy so give it to them and ban them from coming back to the UK. Enough.”

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