Youtuber ‘Awaken With JP’ Calls Out Big Tech Over Suffocating Online Censorship

There’s been a lot of talk about online censorship recently. Youtubers like Awaken with JP (Penny Sears) have been talking about this for a while. However, with the recent banning of Donald Trump on Twitter, as well as the lawsuits different platforms are currently involved in, it’s more of an issue than ever for some. Let’s take a look at how JP and another Youtuber have responded to this changing online landscape.

Online Censorship: JP calls out tech

First, let’s take about Awaken with JP. He recently mentioned his own experience with Online Censorship. This was when Facebook threatened to de-platform him. It’s both easy and difficult to see why.

It’s easy, because he is essentially speaking out against the situation in California, the change in political discourse, as well as other topics like spirituality and online influencers.

However, it’s also difficult to see what the problem is. He is a speaker and comedian. His videos are basically done with a tongue in cheek humor TV comedy used to thrive on.

Today, there’s a totally different story. JP recently opened up to subscribers on his newsletter about the censoring he’s dealt with as well as threats he’s received. The vlogger also spoke about how he’s lost sponsorships. Not because the brands don’t like his messaging.

But because they don’t want to deal with the vocal groups complaining about his work. However, all of these situations seem to be fueling him to speak more. His latest video as of the writing of this article is about how we treat free speech. It’s a funny, yet also touching look at the issue.

Online Censorship: Aaron Doughty

Another vlogger who has had to navigate the complicated waters of the internet is Aaron Doughty. His intros say, “I help people expand their consciousness.” So, you can imagine the content he puts out.

It’s focused a lot of raising one’s energetic vibration, manifestation, and shadow work. Sounds pretty harmless on the surface. Some apparently don’t agree.

Despite being careful to make it clear he’s not suggesting any particular actions or choices, he’s shared his thoughts on “the thing that happened at the beginning of 2020.” He has to the current health situation that way, because if he said the actual name, he would likely have his videos taken down.

He’s not only one. There are other vloggers who won’t mention certain events, groups, etc. by name because they know what would happen. Recently, Doughty took to his Instagram stories to talk about something he didn’t anticipate.

According to his story, he’d made a video a while back where he spoke about the Hollywood Elite. On January 17th, months after the video was posted, he suddenly got a strike on his account for it.

They cited bullying, which confused the vlogger. We have to agree. We’ve watched a bunch of his videos, and he’s never called out any particular celebrity by name.

We’ve also never seen him call out any specific studio, network, or label. In the video, he encouraged people to follow his content on other sites where one can get a podcast, should they want to make sure they don’t iss any YouTube may take down.

Online Censorship: The bottom line

Any content creator today can find themselves faced with Online Censorship. Vlogger Tim Pool was taking special pains to be make sure he couldn’t be accused of attacking any one side of the aisle.

Despite this, a recent livestream was silenced by YouTube. Some sources estimate the move was a financially costly one. We see this and the other situations mentioned above as part of the Hollywood Dysfunction situation.

Already, we’ve seen actors who are no longer “acceptable” in Hollywood starting their own studios and refusing to stay silent. We have a feeling this is only going to grow as time goes on.

Popular online advice has always been to never put all of one’s eggs in a single basket. With some getting threatened with being de-platformed and having their videos actually demonetized, we’ve seen people respond.

They’re opening newsletters, directing people to their websites, and other services. Expect people to go more old school in having a dedicated website again with their content, something a lot of people started shying away from.

Especially online influencers, who have made Instagram their main hub. There’s a huge shift ahead in content creation and how people get it to the masses, and we’re excited to see what innovations are on the way.

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