This Is Why Oprah Winfrey Needs Gayle King So Much

Talk about BFF goals. Oprah Winfrey recently opened up about why Gayle King is such an important person in her life. In fact, she got emotional about their friendship during an appearance on The Drew Barrymore Show, which is set to air on Friday. Here’s what you need to know.

During her interview, Oprah said that Gayle King had been day for her all throughout her life – including the good times, the bad and the downright ugly. She also discussed why she’s never been to therapy. That’s because she could always count on Gayle King to be there on the other side of her phone call.

This Is Why Oprah Winfrey Needs Gayle King So Much

“I never had therapy — I had all my therapy on television in front of all of y’all — and what I realized … is that Gayle was my regulation,” she says. “It makes me want to cry now thinking about it. Every night after the show, I would come home, and I would have these sessions with Gayle where we talked about what happened on the show, or what didn’t happen on the show, and that was the way I kind of regulated myself. So, I would talk to Gayle before bed, and then I would be calmer.”

Yet, Oprah admitted that it wasn’t until recently that she came to that realization.

“And it wasn’t until I not only was co-authoring the book but actually went back and re-read the book that I realized, ‘Oh Gayle was what I used for my sense of regulation,’ and is still the person in my life,” she notes. “I have probably three people in my life who are going to tell me the truth no matter what.”

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