Is Britney Spears Going To Be Oprah Winfrey’s Next Tell-All?

Since the Meghan Markle interview, where all the royal tea was spilled, social media is clamoring for Oprah to do another tell-all, and they’re saying that this time they want it to be Britney.

Fans are literally tweeting at Oprah saying that they needed this interview yesterday and it looks like in the future, there could be a great possibility of that happening. However, before it does, her conservatorship needs to be ironed out.

Could Britney be Oprah’s next tell-all?

Sources close to Britney and several other publications have said that Britney herself would be up for talking with Oprah, and that she really does want to be able to share her side of the story and that she does trust Oprah.

However, that will all depend on how the battle for her conservatorship goes. Since it’s on-going at the moment, it could be awhile before Britney speaks out. However, when she does, we know that at least the desire from fans is there to really give the interview the attention it needs.

Apparently, Britney hates doing interviews, but she Oprah is one person that she would possibly make an exception for, which definitely bodes well for the fans. Britney also doesn’t really want anyone else telling her story, in spite of the fact that there is a hulu documentary about her and two other ones, a netflix and a BBC documentary in the works.

(No word on whether or not she or her estate have signed off on such documentaries at all, or if they remain unauthorized.)

The good news is, that, at least emotionally, Britney is feeling better these days and loves the outpouring of support she has received from her fans in the past year, all thanks to the #FreeBritney movement. While Britney does think that no one should be telling her story except for her, she also feels that due to the documentary that aired, she feels more understood by her fans and it has helped her immensely.

So, if she did come out and share with Oprah what she has been going through all these years, then that could only be a win for her mental and emotional health, right? It would seem so, but in the meantime let’s keep our fingers crossed that her legal battles go in her favor so that she can actually start speaking out – that’s her only obstacle now. Stay tuned!!!

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