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New TLC Show Too Large Features Dr. Procter

Fans of TLC are drawn to weight loss shows like My 600-Lb Life. There is a new TLC show that will air on June 2 called Too Large. It will follow in the footsteps of My 600-Lb Life and fans will get a chance to see Dr. Procter again.

This show will follow seven cast members on their weight loss journey. The show will focus as they “attempt to lose weight and change their lives forever or, risk falling victim to their deadly lifestyles.” This show will give us an idea of just how dire their weight loss truly is.

New TLC Show: Dr. Procter Returns

Fans of 1000-Lb Sisters may remember Dr. Procter from the show. He is a weight loss surgeon based in Atlanta and has helped so many people on TLC shows. He also appeared on the shot lived show, Family By the Ton. We will see his first patient in dire conditions.

He calls her a “ticking time bomb” because of her weight. He knows that she needs to get help as soon as possible. He is very worried about her health and her life considering how much weight she has put on over the years.

There is another patient who is a mother who has told Dr. Procter that she finds it difficult to even be with her son because of her weight. She is losing mobility because of how much weight she has gained and she tells him, “So I want to get the weight off of me so I can play with him.” She feels that this is her greatest motivation right now and it does seem that she is ready to try with Dr. Procter.

Many of the doctor’s other patients have other anxieties about their weight. One patient says that she “fears her life daily” because of how much she weighs. She is also experiencing limited mobility with her weight gain and she knows that having gastric bypass surgery is the best bet for her to lose weight and to keep it off. She is so motivated that now she is trying to get her best friend to have the surgery too.

From the spoilers that we have seen, there are some serious emotions flying around and these patients are in need of some serious help. We really hope that Dr. Procter is able to help them before it is too late for them and their health.

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