Netflix Luis Miguel La Serie Spoilers For Season 2!

Luis Miguel, La Serie spoilers reveal the new season appears to be streaming now on Netflix. As we mentioned before, it looks like they’re handling this a little differently, as episodes will air on Sundays.

It seems, however, they gave fans an extra treat, as videos about the first two episodes are now available. And the timing works out, as there are eight episodes in this season and wiki lists the final one as streaming on May 30th. Let’s take a look at what to expect from these episodes and the rest of the season.

Luis Miguel, La Serie spoilers: Behind the scenes

First, Luis Miguel, La Serie spoilers reveal the first video gives a lot of behind the scenes glimpses. You’ll get to check out how lead actor Diego Boneta gets transformed into the legendary musician.

We also hear from co-star Camila Sodi (Erika Camil) talking about what it’s like to come back to a project. It must be a fun situation, as so many novelas are only one season.

We’ll also get to see a lot of onstage action, as the video takes us behind making the concert scenes. It appears they’ll be tackling some of Miguel’s biggest shows, including one that led to health crisis.

We also were introduced to a new actor, Fernando Guallar. He plays Mauricio Ambrosi, a childhood friend of Miguel’s who plays an important part in the singer’s life.

Luis Miguel, La Serie spoilers: Mystery solved?

Of course, the thing that some fans are wondering about is addressed in the promo—Where’s Marcela? That would be Marcela Basteri (Anna Favella), the singer’s mother. At the end of the first season, we saw her in a potentially bad situation.

And in real life, there’s been plenty of rumors, but it’s never been officially addressed what happened to her. We saw a clue from Aracely Arumbula (Altagracia Sandoval, La Doña), the singer’s ex, but the family apparently has never addressed it. It looks like they will in Season 2, and we might be in for some emotional moments with this reveal.

Luis Miguel, La Serie spoilers: Emotional times

Also, Luis Miguel, La Serie spoilers reveal the show will address something else that’s sure to bring some touching moments. This season, the singer will meet his daughter.

It’ll be strange timing, as Boneta points out he’ll just be dealing with some of the issues with his parents and everything that happened about the time this young daughter appears. We’ll see a slightly tentative approach, as he asks her mother if the child hates him. Tune in to see how that meeting goes.

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